Tiger Iron (Mugglestone) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Tiger Iron (Mugglestone) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Tiger Iron is a metamorphic rock and a combination of Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye and Hematite. It’s also known as Mugglestone which is fun for Harry Potter fans. It’s a great stone for those who are highly sensitive and who tend to take on other people’s emotions.

Physical Energy Properties: Tiger Iron is helpful for those who are sensitive to noise and chemicals. It’s also a great stress reliever, and it’s very grounding as well. Helps those with fractures, muscle aches and cramps. It also promotes vitality and energy.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Tiger Iron is beneficial for burnout or emotional exhaustion. It’s a very grounding stone which helps bring you to the present moment. It can also help you in finding your strength and courage in times of crisis. Will help you find creative solutions to problems you’re experiencing and in resolving traumas of the past — a wonderful stone for artists, writers, actors and musicians.

Chakras: Connected to the Root Chakra.

Astrological signs: Associated with Leo.

History: The name Mugglestone which is another name Tiger Iron goes by comes from Mucklestone because the stone was first found in Moclestone in Great Britain.

Where it's found: Found in Great Britain and Africa as well as in Brazil, Australia, Mexico, in the Lake Superior area of the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Tiger iron quartz-lignite aggregate with layers of golden Tigers Eye, Metallic Grey Hematite and deep Red Jasper. It’s not yet known exactly how Tiger Iron is formed, but many geologists say the stone is a stromatolite which includes algae fossils from sedimentary deposits. It’s also said that it’s a banded iron formation (BIF) that was formed when the Earth was more oxygen-rich than it is now. It’s a fairly common stone and rates a 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

How to use it: Hold this stone when you need a good boost of energy and also when you need to feel grounded. Great for those busy days when you feel like you need to keep going, and then also great for when you need to wind down and relax. Keep this stone with you or place it in your home for continuous grounding yet energizing energy.

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