Tiffany Stone (Bertrandite) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Tiffany Stone (Bertrandite) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Tiffany stone is a beautiful mix of stones including fluorite, calcite, chalcedony, opal, dolomite, quartz, and bertrandite. It’s also called opalized fluorite, ice cream stone, and bertrandite. There is only one source for this stone in Western Utah. Most of the stones are crushed to produce Beryllium.

Physical Energy Properties: Tiffany Stone will stimulate the endocrine system and immune system. It also helps to release sexual blockages and balances the sexual organs.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Tiffany Stone helps you get back on your own personal journey if you’ve veered away from your truth. This stone is also very helpful in assisting you to tap into your psychic abilities and opening you up to receiving wisdom from the world around you. This is also a wonderful stone for organization. You will be able to sort through your emotions and release them.

Chakras: Connects with the Heart, Throat and Third Eye chakras.

Astrological signs: Associated with Gemini.

History: In the early 1960s Brush Wellman bought 12,500 acres in Utah for 3

Million dollars to mine for stones. Within a few years, the mine was found to be a very successful source of Tiffany Stone to make Beryllium, and it continues to produce stones today. It’s said that the stone is named after the owner of the Brush Wellman mine’s daughter, but there are no official records of this.

Where it's found: Tiffany Stone is only found at the Brush Wellman beryllium mine that’s at Spor Mountain in Western Utah.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Pretty much all of the Tiffany stone mined is used to produce Beryllium which is used to make items like aircraft, missiles and cell phones. A very small percentage of the stones mined have been collected by gemstone collectors or the workers. So these are the only pieces of Tiffany Stone that exist because the mine is more interested in making Beryllium. It's a beautiful purple colour with white, gold and brown mixed in.

How to use it: Bring this stone into your life if you feel like you need to get back on your own track again. It will help you sift through your life to bring only what is necessary into the future. Make sure you only wear polished Tiffany Stones as some of the ingredients in the stone can be toxic.

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