Sillimanite (Fibrolite) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Sillimanite (Fibrolite) Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Sillimanite is also known as a type of Fibrolite, and it’s a stone that makes you feel blissful and happy to be alive. It comes in beautiful colours of green but can also be yellow, blue, white, or brown. Makes beautiful jewelry but it can be very rare.

Physical Energy Properties: Sillimanite is good for the stomach and digestive issues. It’s also good for helping the body assimilate after plates, screws or other objects are added. Also helpful for sinus issues and lung problems. It can be beneficial in treating allergies and asthma. Helps slow the ageing process.

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Emotional Energy Properties: This stone is very uplifting and can be helpful for lifting sadness and depression. Great for finishing tasks that seem impossible to complete. Sillimanite will bring back the excitement that tends to get lost when we work on something for too long. It will help you continue with the project and to feel the joy that comes with finishing it.

Chakras: It energizes all of the chakras but particularly connects with the Heart chakra.

Astrological signs: Connects with all astrological signs.

History: Sillimanite was named after the geologist and professor, Benjamin Silliman from Yale University. The first time it was found was in 1824 in Chester, Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Where it's found: Found in the United States, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Sillimanite is exceptionally rare and found in two forms; clear and glassy, or silky and fibrous. In the fibrous state, the crystals are long slender prisms that look like fibres which is why it’s also called Fibrolite. The glassy stones are the ones that are used as gemstones in jewelry because of their beautiful appearance. It’s a stone that is more popular with collectors and jewelry makers. It is most commonly green, but it can also be yellow, white, blue or brown. Some of the crystals also have a cat’s eye effect. It rates a 6 - 7 on the hardness scale making it a difficult stone to cut.

How to use it: Keep this stone with you when you need a mood boost, or you are wanting help in feeling your emotions and dealing with them. Bring this stone into your life if you need some new inspiration for old projects to keep the momentum going or to initiate it again so you can finish it up.

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