Serpentine Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Serpentine Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Serpentine is actually a group of minerals including 20 different stones that are related with two groups called antigorite and chrysotile. Antigorite is the variety of serpentine that has a plated appearance and Chrysotile is the fibrous group of serpentine minerals. Although the very fine chrysotile is a type of asbestos which is toxic, so only antigorite is used as a serpentine gemstone.

Physical Energy Properties: Helpful in the treatment of parasites and aids in the elimination of parasites from the body. Beneficial for those with diabetes and hypoglycemia as well as assisting with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Relieves pain in the kidneys and stomach.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Serpentine is an excellent stone for creativity. It’s also great for helping you find your own path in life and taking control of your life. Brings balance to mental and emotional aspects and assists in allowing emotions to flow. Also great for spiritual growth and meditation.

Chakras: Since it is green, serpentine is wonderful for the Heart chakra, but it also clears all of the chakras and opens the crown chakra to receive higher wisdom.

Astrological signs: Serpentine is related to Gemini.

History: Its name is said to be inspired by the stone’s serpent-like green colours. It has been used for centuries as a spiritual and balancing stone. It was also considered to be a protector against evil and disease and was used as an offering to gods and goddesses. It’s also been said to protect against snake venom or venom from other insects and animals.

Where it's found: Mainly found in the United Kingdom and China. It can also be found in parts of the United States, Russia, Norway, Zimbabwe and Italy.

Variations, Rarity and Value: The other types of Serpentine include Asbestos, Bastite, Bowenite, Connemara, Deweylite, Garnierite, Retinalite, Ricolite, Satalite, Serpentinite, Verde-Antique and Williamsite. Serpentine is usually translucent to opaque with a hardness of 2.5 to 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. It can sometimes be mistaken for nephrite jade, but the jade is much harder than serpentine.

How to use it: Wear in jewelry or place on the area of the body that needs assistance in balancing.

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