Scapolite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Scapolite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Scapolite is a group of aluminosilicate minerals including marialite, meionite, and silvialite. They often have chatoyancy giving them the appearance of a cat’s eye. It can be found in colours ranging from white, colourless, pink, yellow, violet, green, blue, red and grey. This stone is helpful for change and reaching goals.

Physical Energy Properties: Scapolite stones are helpful after surgery in recovery. Good for the bones and veins. Aids in easing eye diseases and issues including glaucoma. Also helpful for those who experience dyslexia.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Instills a sense of relief when feeling burdened. Brings in positive change and helps to recover from past trauma. Helpful for practical thinking and problem-solving. Brings in a sense of practicality and grounds you in reality.

Chakras: Connected with the Third Eye chakra.

Astrological signs: Related to Taurus.

History: Scapolite was first found in Myanmar in 1913 and its name comes from the Greek word scapos meaning rod and lithos meaning stone. This is appropriate because these crystals are usually found as prisms that are like sticks. Earlier on it was also called wernerite after the German geologist A. G. Werner in the 1700s.

Where it's found: Found in Myanmar, Canada, the United States and Europe.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Scapolite is a minor gemstone that is quite beautiful and interesting. Pink and yellow stones can be cut into gems and used in jewelry. It has a hardness of between 5 and 6 making it too soft to be included in rings so it’s usually used in earrings and pendants. The most valuable scapolite stones are yellow or orange and pink or violet and they are rarely found in sizes over 15 carats but only a few gems of this size have been found.

How to use it: Have Scapolite with you if you are making conscious change. Use these stones when setting goals and making plans for the future. The stone will also boost your motivation and self-discipline. Also have these stones around if you’re starting a new business.

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