Rutilated Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Rutilated Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

A colourless or smoky quartz crystal with long thin silver and gold threads of Rutile. It also goes by the name of Angel Hair Quartz. Wonderful for bringing strength and vitality.

Physical Energy Properties: Great for the immune system and the regeneration of tissue. It slows the signs of ageing and promotes a youthful appearance. Helps those with chronic illnesses and helps repair cells. Also great for the respiratory system and the thyroid. Can also be beneficial for fertility.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Helps those experiencing depression not feel so alone, it also helps with anxiety and fear. It’s beneficial for getting to the root of an issue and self-acceptance as well as forgiveness of self and others. Protects against negative influences and draws out emotions to be expressed and released.

Chakras: Connected with the Crown chakra and the Third Eye chakra.

Astrological signs: Associated with all star signs.

History: Quartz has been mined and used for thousands of years for many different purposes. Rutile has been an important economic mineral and it was named after the Latin word rutilus, which means red because of the reddish tone the strands take on due to the iron content.

Where it's found: Rutilated quartz can be found in Brazil, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan and in the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Rutile is a major ore of titanium which is a type of metal that is used for making high tech alloys. It forms needle-like inclusions inside the colourless or smoky quartz crystals. Rutile is a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

How to use it: Place on your neck around the thyroid and on your heart to balance the thymus. If you need to balance and centre you can wave it around your entire body and to gain more energy you can place it on your Solar Plexus charkra.

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