Rose Aura Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Rose Aura Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Rose Aura Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and connection to the divine. It has platinum minerals bonded to it which makes it a gorgeous rose colour, a pinkish red. It connects the Third Eye and the Heart chakra to unite the mind, intuition and the emotions to see your true self and follow your heart’s desires. Connects you with the angelic realm and with your guardian angels.

Physical Energy Properties: Restores the body on a cellular level to bring perfect balance. Protects against radiation and static electricity. Boosts the immune system and gives you energy.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Rose Aura Quartz improves your mood and brings serenity and peace. Allows you to process anger and will bring emotional balancing It will also enhance self-worth and restore your perception of yourself into a healthy one. Promotes unconditional self-love.

Chakras: Associated with the Heart chakra and the Third Eye chakra.

Astrological signs: Connected with all star signs.

History: Metal-coated stones are relatively new, but they began getting more popular in the 21st century.

Where it's found: Quartz is found all over the world and all metal-coated quartz are available worldwide.

Variations, Rarity and Value: These crystals are coated with metal in an alchemical process that is done in a vacuum chamber. Metals like platinum, in this case, are bonded onto pure quartz crystals to give them their metallic sheen.

How to use it: Place on your Third Eye and over your Heart to stimulate the energy of both of these centres. Use in meditation or carry with you or wear to receive the energy throughout the day.

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