Rhyolite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Rhyolite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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A rock from the feldspaths family with a pattern that resembles a leopard’s spots. A stone that is wonderful for problem-solving and life changes. It brings out the potential of your soul’s truest energy as well as creative power.

Physical Energy Properties: Beneficial for physical stamina and endurance, Rhyolite activates the body’s natural immune response and resistance to disease and illness. Excellent for infections, viruses, and rashes or other skin irritations. It can also help in dissolving kidney stones. Improves muscle tone and strengthens veins.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Facilitates emotional release and balances all emotions. Assists you in calmly dealing with any issues and brings strength in times of need. Brings resolution to past issues to help in moving forward in life. Restores self-worth and self-respect making it easier to accept your true self no matter what and to be able to set boundaries as needed.

Chakras: Related to the Root chakra and grounding energy as well as the Heart chakra and unconditional self-love and love for others.

Astrological signs: Connected with Sagittarius.

History: The name Rhyolite came from the Greek word Rhein meaning flow and Lithos meaning Stone and was named by German geologist Ferdinand Von Richthofen. This stone was used to make tools and weapons like spear points, and arrowheads as well as shovels.

Where it's found: Mainly found in Mexico, Australia and the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: This stone is formed by volcanic magma that is mainly composed of silica. When cooled quickly, it would make obsidian stone, but if it’s cooled slowly, it can create beautiful patterns. The shape, colours, patterns and sizes of rhyolite can vary depending on the lava. The primary colours you’ll find in rhyolite are yellow, green, red, brown, beige and orange. There can also be air bubbles formed in some stones that cool very slowly. Larger and more pigmented or patterned stones tend to be more valuable.

How to use it: Place on your forehead if you want to recall dreams or past-life memories. Or meditate with it in your hand or nearby. You can also put the stone on your body wherever balancing energy is needed.

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