Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Rainbow Aura Quartz Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Formed by bonding gold and titanium to clear quartz crystals giving it the appearance of an iridescent rainbow much like an oil slick.

Physical Energy Properties: Stimulates immune function and prevents illness. Helps prevent dehydration and good for bodily fluids.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Centres you when you feel scattered. Creates a clear path for life force energy to energize your body. Helps show projections onto others or things that people are projecting onto you. Brings insights into relationships of all kinds including the relationship with yourself. Helps release karmic ties you’ve had with others. Creates peace and harmony in relationships.

Chakras: Because of its rainbow colours, Rainbow Aura Quartz stimulates and balances all of the chakras.

Astrological signs: Associated with all star signs.

History: Rainbow aura quartz is a relatively new crystal on the market.

Where it's found: Found in the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Rainbow Aura is widely available, and it’s created in a laboratory which makes it quite affordable. It’s produced when clear quartz crystals are superheated in a vacuum then coated with vaporized gold, titanium, silver or platinum or a mixture of these minerals. During the process the minerals condense onto the quartz creating a bond with the lattice of the crystal.

How to use it: Rainbow Aura Quartz is excellent to use in meditation for communication with Angels, Spirit Guides, and receiving divine wisdom. Use it in meditation, and crystal grids. Carry with you to protect yourself from negative or stressful situations. It can also enhance the energy of other crystals.

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