Morganite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Morganite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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The pink coloured variety of Beryl and one of the transparent varieties that has been used as a valuable gemstone. Although Emerald and Aquamarine are the most valuable types of Beryl.

Physical Energy Properties: Beneficial for relieving symptoms of asthma, tuberculosis and emphysema. Morganite is also good for the circulatory system and the oxygenation of blood. Also good for the lungs and vertigo.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Morganite attracts longterm love and brings loving thoughts. Eases stress in a stressful life and helps to express emotions. It also helps you see your unmet needs and where you can be kinder to yourself. Helps with self-love and acceptance of self. Keeps the emotional aspect of self safe while psychological changes take place.

Chakras: Related to the Heart chakra including self-love and love in relationships as well as processing grief.

Astrological signs: Associated with Libra.

History: Morganite was very first found in Madagascar in 1910. It was named after American financier and philanthropist J.P. Morgan by the New York Academy of Sciences. The most significant piece of morganite was found on October 7th, 1989 in the Bennet Quarry of Buckfield, Maine. It was pinkish orange and measured 23 cm long and 30 cm across and weighed in at 50 pounds. They named this particular piece of morganite ‘The Rose of Maine.’

Where it's found: Morganite has been found all around the world in places like California, Madagascar, Brazil, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Morganite is a rare form of beryl that is pink in colour. All beryl gemstones are beryllium aluminum silicates, and their different colours are caused by various trace elements. Emerald is green because of the chromium and vanadium in the stone, aquamarine blue because of the traces of iron. Morganite gets it’s pink or peach colour from manganese, but it also contains cesium and lithium too. Morganite is a hard gem, with a rating of 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. It tends to have fewer inclusions than emerald and clean pieces are typical. Medium pink stones with high clarity that are custom cut are the most valuable.

How to use it: Wear in jewelry to receive the energy balancing benefits. Also, a beautiful jewel to gift to a loved one.

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