Moldavite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Moldavite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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A fascinating stone with an interesting origin and story. A green Tektite, Moldavite looks similar to green glass. It’s exceptionally beautiful when light shines through it.

Physical Energy Properties: Provides a general sense of wellbeing to the body and makes you aware of the root cause of an illness or disease.

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Emotional Energy Properties: A stone that assists in raising spiritual awareness and uncovering hidden emotions. An excellent stone for those who are very sensitive and helps to process deep or heavy feelings and trauma. Brings you solutions to your problems and makes you more aware of how to navigate personal issues. Shows you your spiritual purpose and connects you with your higher self, spirit guides and extraterrestrial energy.

Chakras: Connected with the Third Eye chakra and the Heart chakra.

Astrological signs: Related to all astrological signs.

History: Moldavite has been collected in Czechoslovakia since the mid 18th century and were highly valued. Moldavite is roughly around 14 million years old and was formed by the impact of a meteorite hitting the Earth in 1787 at the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. The compressed air melted the Earth's surface in front of the meteorite, and then upon impact, the explosion caused tektites to form in a vacuum type bubble which created the glass-like pieces of the comet. All of these pieces were strewn around and ended up landing in different places.

Where it's found: All moldavite comes from the Czech Republic which is where the comet hit millions of years ago.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Moldavite is transparent to translucent and is usually olive or a glass bottle green. It’s a tektite, and all tektites are natural glasses created by melted silica sand through the impact of a meteorite. Iron is what gives it its green colour, and there are often bumps all over the pieces too. Since it is only found in one area, Moldavite is very rare which is why it tends to be expensive. A small piece less than 1 inch in size costs around $20 or more depending on the quality. Many moldavite pieces are cut while most are left in their natural form to preserve the history behind this incredible stone.

How to use it: Can be used in meditation to access past lives or placed beside your bed as you sleep to gain spiritual wisdom. Also helpful for connecting with your intuition and universal knowledge. Works to amplify the energy of other crystals and gemstones.

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