Larimar Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Larimar Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Larimar, which is also known as blue pectolite is a relatively new and very rare gemstone. It’s only been found in one area of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. The beautiful colour of the stone reminds you of the ocean and far off sands.

Physical Energy Properties: Assists in the growth of hair. It’s also great for the feet and joints. When it’s placed on an area in the body that’s in pain, it can draw out the pain. It can also be used on the feet in reflexology to clear any blockages and discover any possible disease or illness in the body.

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Emotional Energy Properties: A very soft, comforting and soothing energy this stone helps shame and guilt. It treats emotional trauma and wounding, restoring a sense of self-love and confidence. It’s also great for working through self-sabotaging behaviours and addressing how to move past them to be your best self.

Chakras: Closely related to the Heart chakra, this is a stone of unconditional love reminding you that you are worthy and loved. It can also be helpful to the Throat chakra as well because of the deep blue colour.

Astrological signs: Leo and Aquarius are the signs that are most closely related to Larimar.

History: Used in ancient times in the Dominican the more recent discoveries of Larimar started back in 1916 but it wasn’t made an official mineral until 1974. Norman Rilling and Miguel Mendez found small pieces of Larimar on the beach in the Dominican. It was named after Miguel’s daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for the sea which is Mar. Many say that Larimar is made from the sea or volcanic movements. They mainly exist where they are formed but through soil erosion pieces have broken off and then find their way to the seashore.

Where it's found: Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic.

Variations, Rarity and Value: A lovely, light blue with white which looks like the Caribbean sea. Larimar is formed when hot gases push minerals through pathways in volcanoes. Mining it means finding the pathways and then digging even deeper into the older volcanoes. Used to make jewelry and other items this stone is very popular yet rare.

How to use it: Use on feet with reflexology or hold for long periods of time or during meditation.

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