Lapis Lazuli Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Lapis Lazuli Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Brilliant bright blue stone with a rich history. It even includes some other stones such as pyrite which gives it beautiful gold specks, calcite and lazurite.

Physical Energy Properties: Lapis lazuli can boost the immune system help to prevent illness, and it is also beneficial for the ears and hearing. It’s also believed to be able to help in repairing muscles and the skeletal system. Migraines can also be eased with some lapis lazuli. It’s also great for the throat area and the thymus gland.

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Emotional Energy Properties: This beautiful blue stone helps ease depression and anxiety because it harmonizes all aspects of self. It releases stress and brings deep peace as well as a great sleep. Excellent for gaining spiritual insight and wisdom, activating personal power and inner truth. It also blocks any attacks and promotes protection and safety.

Chakras: Associated with the Third Eye and Throat chakra. Both of these chakras have to do with gaining insight to know and speak our truth.

Astrological signs: Related to Sagittarius.

History: The history of lapis lazuli goes back over 6,500 years and was found and held sacred by cultures in Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome along with other blue gems like sapphire and turquoise. Lapis Lazuli was mainly found in Badakshan, Afghanistan as far back as 700 BC when the area was called Bactria. These same mines are still producing lapis lazuli today, and it’s the oldest commercial source for crystals and gems. It has always been used in jewelry, but it was also used to make practical items like bowls and combs. It was also used as a paint pigment when crushed up which is why older paintings are known for the bright blue pigment that doesn’t seem to fade with time.

Where it's found: Mainly found in Afghanistan, but can also be found in Chile.

Variations, Rarity and Value: For the most part, lapis is not that expensive of a stone, but the most expensive lapis will be an intense, deep blue with tiny flecks of pyrite with little to no white calcite veins. Lapis lazuli stones that have too much calcite or pyrite aren’t as valuable as those that have less. Lower grades of this stone could sell for $1 per carat or less. The higher quality stones will be more around the price of $100 or more per carat.

How to use it: Place on the throat or the third eye or wear in a pendant over the throat.

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