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Chanty Om Deluxe

This Chanty Om Deluxe music track is almost 40 minutes long and a great addition to your musical playlist.

Chanty Om Du

Music has the power to make you feel uplifted and relaxed.

Crystal Nights

Crystal Nights is a relaxing 30-minute track that is perfect for inspiring calm and relaxation.


The Dawnings is an original piano melody that is calm, relaxing and uplifting too.

Echos of Chi

This music track is a slow melodic sort of ambient meditation music.

Meditation Helper

In this Meditation Help track, a simple gong (crystal singing bowl) is used to help focus your mind back on your meditation whenever it starts to wander.

Meditation Helper 2

Binaural beats only work with headphones.

Meditation Helper 3

Meditation Helper 3 is a meditation track designed to help with sleep.

Mole Party

Mole Party is a short music track with very heavy gothic electro drumming.

Morse Code on Mars

This hypnotic music track has fast drum beats and Konnakol for a unique sound.

Mystic Vibrationz: The Calm

This uplifting video and music track is a great way to start your day.

Om Chi

Meditate to the soothing sounds of Om Chi Mantra chanting and feel the power of these ancient words.


This music track has brooding heavy drum and bass electronica with dark heavy music.

Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez is the ultimate nature soundtrack.

The Gloom

This original piano track is sort of sad and dark, yet uplifting too.

The Night Desert (Baja, Mexico)

A beautiful track with 6 hours of ambient nature sounds.

Thunder Trance

A violin heavy drum trance music track.

Tribe Vibes

A long music track with Mantra meditation and chanting.


Incredible drone footage takes you over the desert of the Sea of Cortez as you listen to the relaxing music soundtrack.

Vibe Rider

Vibe Rider is a long musical track with relaxing music, with Om mantra chanting.


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