How to Choose and Use a Pendulum

How to Choose and Use a Pendulum

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There are so many fun ways we can use crystals and so many ways they can help us. Of course, they can be used just on their own, but they are also able to be used in other ways like in wands, jewelry and even pendulums. What is a pendulum though and why should you add one to your collection? A pendulum is basically a weight that's attached to a cord or a chain that swings back and forth or in a circular pattern. In spiritual practices, Pendulums are often used as dowsing tools, and you can get them in a variety of styles and colors. Crystal pendulums are especially powerful and also very practical for spiritual use because of the fabulous energy balancing properties they carry within them.

You can use your pendulum for Dowsing which is a way to read energy. It translates energy making it easier to understand spiritual messages, guidance and information. It can also be helpful to locate energy blockages in the body and balance energy. Have fun choosing your pendulum by allowing your intuition or inner knowing to guide you. Think about what type of crystal you'd like your pendulum to be and look into the meanings of different crystals to find out which one would be the most suitable for your needs. Once you find your perfect Pendulum, cleanse it in salt water overnight, and charge it in the sunlight or the moonlight before you use it.

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Now the fun part, using your Pendulum! Hold the smaller end of the cord or chain in dominant hand or whichever hand feels best to you using your first finger and thumb. Holding it over your other hand or the area you would like to receive information about, ask a Yes or No question and then interpret the responses. Start out with questions you know the answers to like your name or your birthday. For example ask, "Is my name ____?" to get a Yes response and then ask if your name is something it's not to get the No response.

You will notice the pendulum swinging back and forth or in a circular motion. Notice how it swings for a Yes response and how it swings for a No response. This creates your baseline for your Pendulum and how it answers your Yes and No questions. Usually, it's a back and forth motion for a No, and a circular motion for Yes. If it stays still then that would signify a Neutral response or I don't know. Then you can have some fun with your pendulum and ask any questions that you want to receive guidance on. Pendulums can be a fun addition to your spiritual practices so get a few different types of crystal pendulums for different purposes.

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