Honey Calcite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Honey Calcite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Honey Calcite is a stone that slows everything down a bit so that you can have the time to pursue the things that are important in life. It will bring more hope, inspiration and motivation in your life.

Physical Energy Properties: Honey Calcite is good for bone growth, calcium deficiency, fertility, female and male reproductive systems. It is helpful for those with bladder and kidney issues. It can support the immune system.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Honey Calcite brings about balance and stability. It curbs fear, overenthusiasm and stress. It is good for balance. It is good for calming emotions that may be preventing success, pregnancy or ventures. It supports determination and persistence. It encourages you to try new experiences that develop your character and add to your wisdom.

Spiritual Energy Properties: Honey Calcite is good for yin/yang. It is good for grounding and astral travelling. It is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energies. It speeds up your spiritual growth.

Chakras: Base, Sacral

Astrological signs: Cancer

Source: Mexico

Variations, Rarity and Value: Honey Calcite is found as both masses and rhombohedral crystals.

How to use it: Place or keep a piece of Honey Calcite where you want to clear away negative energies. It will help dispel negative and toxic energies from both your environment and body. Keep a piece in your room to clean all the toxic vibrations and boost your home’s energy levels. It will also remove any stagnant energy and speed up your emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.

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