Green Moss Agate Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Green Moss Agate Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Green Moss Agate is considered a good stone for wealth. It helps with the growth of new crops. This stabilizing stone is connected to nature and said to refresh the soul and allow you to see beauty in all around you. It is a stone of wealth, attracting abundance.

Physical Energy Properties: Green Moss Agate is good for cleansing and detox. The stone helps to speed up recovery and can be used to counteract long-term illness. It is good for digestion, inflammation, circulatory, eyes and immune system. It helps with cold and flu symptoms, lowers fever, fungal infection and skin disorders.

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Emotional Energy Properties: It helps with anxiety, stress and tension by releasing trapped emotions.

Spiritual Energy Properties: This crystal helps to improve self-esteem and assists intuitive people to

channel their energy in practical ways. Green Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings and helps to release blockages or spiritual restraints.

Chakras: Heart

Astrological signs: Virgo

History: It is a from of chalcedony formed from silicon dioxide. It includes minerals of a green color which form filaments and other patterns similar to moss.

Source: Australia, India, United States

Variations, Rarity and Value: Found as masses of agate. This semi-precious gemstone is transparent or translucent green, white and clear with markings similar to a moss like or foliage pattern. Green Moss Agate may also be blue, black, brown, yellow and red. It is a common stone.

How to use it: Moss agate is a birthing crystal that is used by midwives in their work to help lessen pain and to ensure a good delivery. Place or hold Green Moss Agate on the body where balancing is needed. Make sure to make contact with the skin. Use as an elixir applied to the skin to help treat fungal and skin infections.

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