Epidote Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Epidote Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Epidote is known to bring prosperity and to instill generosity connected with the heart and intuition. Epidote is a mineral supergroup that includes many beautiful precious gemstones.

Physical Energy Properties: Beneficial for the skin when used in an elixir. Also great for the brain and the nervous system too. Epidote can also help the thyroid and those with Parkinson’s disease.

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Emotional Energy Properties: A great stone for perception and gaining awareness. It helps to clear stagnant energy and helps you to release your emotions and to move on from an experience. It can help you open to receiving help from people even if you are reluctant to accept assistance and usually do things on your own.

Chakras: Connected with the Third Eye chakra and the Heart chakra.

Astrological signs: Connected to Gemini.

History: The word Epidote comes from the Greek word for increase because the bottom of the crystal always has one side that’s longer than the other. It was named this in the 1800s by Rene Hauy, a mineralogist at the University of Natural History in Paris, France.

Where it's found: Found in Brazil and Pakistan as well as Bulgaria, South Africa, Norway, Austria, France, Mexico, Russia, and the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: The most common colour of Epidote is green and it can be dark green, a yellow-green or even black. Many of these stones are fibrous and some have prismatic crystals. Clinozoisite is colorless, pink, light yellow or green while Piedmontite is black, red, reddish brown or pink. Allanite is a light brown to black and Hancockite is brown or black as well. The most valuable stones are rated on transparency, colour, and size. Usually the clearest, brightest and largest stones are the most valuable. These stones form at low temperatures in metamorphic rocks.

How to use it: This stone can help you experience good in your life in many ways, so wear or hold the stone keeping it with you to experience more positivity.

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