Diaspore Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Diaspore Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Diaspore is one of the three minerals that make the aluminum ore Bauxite. It’s also called Kayserite, Empholite, or Tanatarite, and there are trademarked stones from Turkey that are called Csarite and Zultanite.

Physical Energy Properties: Good for brain function and balance of the nervous system. Great for improving memory and relieving stress.

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Emotional Energy Properties: This stone stimulates the mind and is great for studying or memorizing information. It helps you remember what is important and helps you focus. It has a very soothing and calming energy which is great for relaxation. It will help you be more resilient in situations you may have feared in the past.

Chakras: Connected with the Third Eye, Crown, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.

Astrological signs: Related to the sign of Pisces.

History: Diaspore comes from the Greek word meaning scatter. This is because the mineral scatters when it’s heated up. In Turkey in the 1950's large Diaspore crystals were found in a Bauxite deposit. The deposit was originally called Zultanite Gems LLC, so they originally called the crystal Zultanite. Some of the Diaspore stones from Turkey still go by this name.

Where it's found: The main place Diaspore is found is in Turkey but it can also be found in the United Kingdom, Russia, China, New Zealand, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

Variations, Rarity and Value: This stone is usually found in Bauxite clay or in Limestone in larger masses. The interest in these gemstones increased when people realized they could be made into beautiful gemstones. It can be a variety of different colours including green, white, grey, brown, yellow and colourless. There are also pearly stones with a nice pink, lilac or purple sheen. These stones have a natural pleochroism which means they change colour depending on the lighting. It’s hardness is from 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

How to use it: Great to have when you’re getting older and want to remain youthful. Have this stone with you while you study or work to enhance memory and to stimulate the mind. If you’re feeling stressed, keep a piece of Diaspore with you.

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