Amazonite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Amazonite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

This beautiful blue-green gemstone is a variety of microcline which is a form of alkali feldspar. It’s common that people think Amazonite is from the Amazon River because of its name, and even though it was named after the river, it doesn’t come from the river at all but from other areas of Brazil.

Physical Energy Properties: An excellent gemstone for the heart and the nervous system it can be a very soothing stone for those with anxiety. It’s also a good stone for protecting against pollution including cell phone emissions and electromagnetic pollution. Amazonite protects the bones as well and is suitable for tooth decay and calcium deficiency.

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Emotional Energy Properties: Helps with stress, nervousness and anxiety or panic attacks and an overthinking mind. It will soothe and calm your nerves to help you think and feel more clearly. Also helps to heal emotional trauma and fear. Balances the feminine and masculine energy.

Chakras: Connected with the Heart chakra and unconditional love.

Astrological signs: Related to Virgo and the emotional aspect of ourselves.

History: Amazonite has been highly regarded throughout the ages. The Egyptians made the stone famous by making jewelry out of it. It has also always been a stone that is thought to bring luck, money, and success so wearing amazonite has been embraced by gamblers. It has also always been believed that it’s a good stone for artists to use as a way to tap into their emotions and express them creatively.

Where it's found: Mainly found in Brazil, Canada, the United States, India, Russia and Namibia.

Variations, Rarity and Value: Even though the value of amazonite is relatively low, antique pieces are higher in value. Out of all gemstones, amazonite forms the largest crystals which can be found for sale. It can be colourless, bluish green, white, yellow, pink, red, or gray but it’s usually an aqua blue with green. The colour is caused by lead within the stone. It’s also commonly mistaken for turquoise and jade, but up close it looks quite different and almost glassy.

How to use it: Wear amazonite or put it between your body and any electronics to help protect yourself from EMFs.

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