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Using A Crystal Jade Roller As Part of Your Daily Beauty Routine

A facial roller is a beauty tool that has been around since the 17th century and was originally used by Chinese royalty and high society members.

How To Meditate With Crystals

Meditation is a wonderful tool and practice that can help you in so many areas of your life.

How To Bring Crystals Into Feng Shui

Even though Feng Shui is an ancient practice, we can benefit from bringing the elements and teachings from this wonderful practice into our homes.

How To Clear Your Home Or Any Space With Crystals

Making your home feel more peaceful and relaxing isn’t just about keeping it clean and tidy.

Why Use Crystals In Your Water? The Best Way To Infuse Your Water With Crystal Energy

Move over fruit infused water, there's a new type of high vibe water everyone is trying, and that's Crystal infused water.

20 Handy Crystals You Need To Have In Your Collection

Whether you're just starting to collect crystals or you've been a long-time collector, there are certain crystals you're going to want to make sure you have in your collection.

The 9 Best Crystals For Psychic Mediums

We're all prone to feeling drained and overwhelmed at times, and for this, we can bring crystals into our lives for some added protection and security for positive benefits.

Garden Crystals for the Green Thumb

When Spring comes around many of us are looking forward to being in our gardens after a long winter.

Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit And How to Use Them

When you've been feeling like you've been taking on too much and feel overwhelmed with emotion, it's hard to function in everyday life.

The Truths Behind Jade Rolling, How it Works And Is It A Treatment For You

It's important to take care of our skin, especially as we age.

7 Crystals That Give You Energy So You Can Stop Relying On Coffee So Much

Do you need your coffee every morning? Most people do.

A Crystal Grid Could Be Key To Manifesting Your Intentions

Do you love crystals and want to learn how to use them more in your life? Crystals are powerful tools that can be used for spiritual development and the manifestation of your dreams and goals.

The 10 Best Healing Stones and Their Properties

There are hundreds of crystals and gemstones out there, which makes it difficult to know which ones to use for your own purposes.

25 Beautiful Gemstones And Minerals That Will Blow Your Mind

Even though there are literally hundreds of crystals and gemstones out there, there are always discoveries being made all of the time.

Crystals That Can Encourage Better and Deeper Sleep

There is nothing quite as frustrating than not being able to get a good nights sleep.

Crystals to Attract Happiness and Positivity

If you want to be happy, one of the first steps to learning how to be happy is to think happy thoughts.

3 Reasons Amethyst Is A Crystal You Should Own

Crystals work whenever you are around them.

Crystals To Assist Each Astrological Sign In 2019

Depending on what happened for you in 2018, you may or may not have been happy to see the last of it and enter into 2019 with an optimistic mindset.

Which Gemstone to Wear?

When you have a love for crystals and gemstones, you may be really interested in learning as much as you can about these stones.

Finding The Right Energy Crystals For You

To begin work with crystals, you will need to choose crystals that are right for you.

Crystals to Help Connect With Angels and Ethereal Energy

When you invite angels into your space, their spirit helps to raise the vibrations in the room and lift your energy.

Sound Therapy and The Healing Power of Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls

Do you ever wonder why certain sounds are pleasing to the ears while others are not so much? There are certain sounds, vibrations and frequencies that our bodies are tuned into than others, and that are more harmonious to us.

Use These 6 Crystals to Connect More Deeply with the Universe

Crystals are amazing to have around for many purposes like balancing our energy and bringing in positive energy.

Crystals That Bring Peace of Mind and Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years for their beauty and their energy.

Which Crystals Should You Carry?

Everyone has a different concept of what brings good luck, whether it be a four leaf clover, a lucky animal, or a number that resonates with them.

Which Crystals Help with Bringing More Love into Your Life?

We use crystals for many different purposes, to feel more relaxed and at ease, to sleep better and to achieve our goals.

9 Elegant and Clever Ways To Include Crystals In Your Home

People have been using crystals for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes from healing, comfort to protection to comfort.

If You Could Only Carry Three Crystals with you Daily, Which Should you Choose?

Crystals are millions of years old, forged during the earliest part of the earth’s formation.

Geode Terrarium Is The New Trend That Will Bring Magic In Your Home

Geode Terrariums are the perfect way to showcase geodes, one of nature’s beautiful gems.

Gardening With Crystals How To Use Precious Stones In Gardens

Gardening with Crystals is nothing new with Native American shamans and others from around the world using gemstones for gardening for thousands of years.

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