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Combining Astrology with Crystals

With thousands of different crystals ranging in color, chemical composition, and structure, there are an endless array of crystals to choose.

Working with Crystals Is Beneficial to the Mind, Body and Spirit

Meditation is a practice that can be beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit.

How To Set Your Intentions and Which Crystals To Use

Goal setting is a great practice to get into early on in life, and then to keep using as life goes on.

How To Use Crystals With Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be a great and fun tool to help us in our lives.

Find Your Spirit Animal And Crystal

Are you an animal lover? If you feel a strong connection to animals, chances are, there are animals that you would consider allies on your journey through life.

The Legend and Meaning Of Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are a beautiful formation that crystals are carved into making them look like human skulls and even the skulls of extraterrestrials.

Listening to Your Crystals With a Crystal Pendulum

Communicating with crystals is easy to do, you just have to practice and make them a part of your daily life.

Crystal Gua Sha Facial

Using a rose crystal Gua Sha to gently massage the lymphatic points on your face and neck can be a gamechanger for your skin’s circulation.

Protect Your Home With These Crystals

Your home is your safe haven, and as such, it's important to protect your space and your peace of mind in your home.

Crystals, Stones and Gemstones: Whats The Difference?

Whether you're a seasoned crystal collector or you're just starting your crystal collecting journey, you may have wondered what the difference between different types of stones are.

Make Your Own Crystal Infused Aura Clearing Spray

Clearing your aura can be an excellent spiritual practice to get into.

How To Create Your Own Crystal Collection

Starting up any collection can seem daunting, but look at it as the start of a new chapter in your life where you learn more about a passion of yours.

How To Travel With Crystals

Do you love your crystal collection so much that you can't bear the thought of leaving them at home? Sometimes it can actually be fun to travel with crystals as you'll always have a momento with you to give you strength and courage as you go along on your journey, especially if you're planning on going away for a long time.

Best Crystals For Pets And How To Use Them Safely

We all love our pets and will try almost anything to make sure that they are happy and healthy.

Unlock Your Intuition Using These Crystals

You don't have to be a professional psychic to have intuition, we all have it.

Crystals For Guidance and Making Decisions

We all need a little help once in a while.

7 Best Crystals For Travelling

Have you got the travel bug? If travelling is one of your favourite things to do, and you love crystals, you may want to think about bringing some along with you if you haven't already.

6 Crystals That Will Help You Handle Change With Ease

As the saying goes, "Change is the only constant," and that is so true, isn't it? Sometimes it seems like just one thing is completed, something else is changing and making way for something new to come in.

The Best Crystals For New Beginnings

Starting out on any new journey can feel intimidating at first, but it's also full of excitement and opportunity.

How To Make A Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a great way to enjoy your crystals and spend some time getting to know their different energies.

How To Make A Crystal Infused Bath

Taking a bath is a great way to unwind and enjoy some relaxing time to yourself.

The Best Placement For Crystals In Your Home

Buying crystals might be one of your favorite hobbies, or maybe it's new for you.

How To Buy Crystals As Gifts

Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy people, especially adults who usually already have everything they need and want.

If You Work On A Computer You Need These 4 Crystals

When you work on a computer all day, you may notice different physical and mental responses you may have throughout the day.

How To Charge Your Crystals With Good Energy

Do you charge your crystals? If you're not familiar with how to charge your crystals, you're in the right place.

Reduce Your Exposure to EMFs With Crystals

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and it is the measurable, invisible field that is produced from electrically charged objects.

Ways to Use Crystals at Your Wedding

When you think of your wedding day you want it to be special, a day when you are feeling happy and at your best.

Make Selenite Crystals A Part of Your Energy Tool Kit

Selenite in the form of harmonizing wands can be compared to lightning rods, helping to attract the energy of light and positivity into one concentrated point.

Clearing and Cleansing Your Crystals

You may have heard of people talking about clearing, charging or cleansing their crystals before.

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