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10 Must Have Crystals

Whether you are new to crystals or have been collecting for a while, some crystals should be a part of every crystal tool kit.

11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast

Crystals and gemstones are beautiful to look at, but they also have energy balancing properties.

20 Crystals To Have In Your Collection

Whether you're just starting to collect crystals or you've been a long-time collector, there are crystals you're going to want to have.

25 Beautiful Gemstones And Minerals That Will Blow Your Mind

There are hundreds of crystals and gemstones available, with discoveries being made all of the time.

3 Reasons Amethyst is one of the Top Crystals of All Time

It's easy to see why Amethyst is one of the most desirable and well-known crystals available, with its purple tones and shimmering points, it's part of the Quartz family.

350 Million Year Old Water Trapped Inside Smoky Amethyst Crystal

You'll want to take a closer look at the amazing Smoky Amethyst crystal, found at the Purple Heart Mine in South Carolina.

4 Crystals to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity

Most people are always wondering how to manifest abundance and money into their lives.

A Geode Terrarium Is The New Trend That Will Bring Magic In Your Home

A geode is a crystal with a hollow center filled with crystals and other minerals.

A Guide to Buying Crystals as Gifts for Others

Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy people, especially adults who already have everything they need and want.

Amazing Locations! Crystal Gemstone Mountain in Egypt

Crystal Mountain is located between the Baharyia Oasis and the Farafra Oasis, in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Attracting Abundance With Crystal Energy

Crystals are a great way to attract the things you want and desire in your life.

Bringing Crystals Into the Feng Shui of your Environment

Even though Feng Shui is an ancient practice, anyone can benefit from bringing the elements and teachings from this practice into your home.

Channeling Full Moon Energy with Crystal Ceremony

Creating a ceremony around the full moon can be a great practice to get into.

Charge your Garden with Crystals!

Gardening with Crystals is nothing new with First Nation shamans and others from around the world using them for gardening for thousands of years.

Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon

Take advantage of the full moon or new moon energy and charge the crystals in your collection.

Cleansing your Home (Or Any Space) With Crystals

Making your home feel more peaceful and relaxing isn’t just about keeping it clean and tidy.

Coleman Mine the Best Place to Find Quartz Cluster

There's hardly a more rewarding activity than mining for crystals.

Communicate with your Crystals by using a Pendulum

Communicating with crystals is easy to do, you just have to practice and make them a part of your daily life.

Create a Crystal Infused Aura Cleansing Spray!

Clearing your aura can be an excellent spiritual practice to get into.

Creating a Sacred Space to Empower Your State

You don’t need a big house or a spare room to make a sacred space.

Crystal Care! Taking Care of your Lovlies

Once you have found a crystal and brought it home you'll want to remember that they come from the earth and the crystal has been removed from their natural habitat.

Crystal Gridding Could Be Key to Actualizing your Intentions

Crystals are powerful tools that can be used for spiritual development and the manifestation of your dreams and goals.

Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Crystals have fascinating properties and are connected to the essence of life.

Crystals are the Stunning New Trend in Home Decor

Just imagine walking into your home decked out in crystal countertops, a huge crystal bathtub, and crystal sinks galore.

Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

Manifesting abundance and prosperity with crystals is about opening yourself up to recognize and accept opportunities with confidence.

Crystals For Pets! How to Empower Your Pets Well Being

Pet lovers will try just about anything to make sure their pets are happy and healthy.

Crystals for Reiki Healing and Empowering your Energy Healing Practice

Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing technique that is designed for stress reduction and relaxation.

Crystals For The Crown Chakra

When it comes to your Chakras, you can buy crystals that cleanse and balance all of them at once, or you can get crystals that help each one individually.

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