Why Use Crystals In Your Water? The Best Way To Infuse Your Water With Crystal Energy

Why Use Crystals In Your Water? The Best Way To Infuse Your Water With Crystal Energy

Move over fruit infused water, there's a new type of high vibe water everyone is trying, and that's Crystal infused water. Well, you don't have to give up your fruit infused water either, but adding crystals into your drinking water adds some great energy, and it looks really pretty too. Infusing your water with crystals is pretty simple, but it's important to follow a few steps so that you're doing it safely. An infusion is where you take one substance and allow its essence to permeate into another substance. So when you're making fruit water, you take a fruit like strawberry, cut it up and then let it sit in some fresh water so the essence of the strawberry is now part of the water and your water will have the flavour and vitamins from the strawberries. It's a nice way to add some all-natural flavour to your water without having to add in sweeteners and artificial flavours. Plus, you get some great vitamins, and you're probably more likely to drink water this way as well. So crystal-infused water is kind of along the same lines except the entire crystal is left intact, and you can reuse the same crystal over and over again to infuse your water.

You can buy specially made water bottles that have crystals integrated into the glass or that sit at the very bottom of the water bottle. The glass ones look really cool with the crystal pillar in the centre of the water bottle with the water surrounding it. Then, when your water is in the bottle, the energy from the crystal will infuse the water. Unlike fruit, crystals don't have vitamins, but they have wonderful energy that can benefit anything surrounding them. You could put loose crystals directly into your water bottle or in a glass, but then you have the safety concerns of the crystal breaking and which could be dangerous since you could be harmed by the sharp pieces or the crystal could harm your teeth. Or worse yet, they could be a choking hazard when used this way too. Also, there are some crystals that can be poisonous when they are ingested and therefore not safe to mix with water at all. That's why having them integrated into a water bottle and secured to the bottom of the bottle is the best way to infuse your water with crystal energy. It's safe, clean and easy. All you have to do is add your water to the water bottle, and you're ready to have some crystal-infused water.

The energy of whichever crystal is in your water bottle will constantly be flowing through your water bringing you the positive energy of the crystal. Each crystal has a different set of energy properties and balancing vibrations which can help you for different situations or emotions you have coming up. For example, a Clear Quartz crystal would be excellent for staying focused and clear throughout the day, plus it will also help to transform negative energy. Rose Quartz in your water bottle would be wonderful for self-love vibrations and nurturing yourself. It's also great for self-acceptance and learning how to process through emotions. Amethyst is a great soothing and relaxing stone that is wonderful for anxiety and stress, it's also a great crystal for sleep and bringing in good dreams. So it could be a good one to infuse water with to drink before you go to bed. You could also have multiple crystal water bottles so you could always have the exact one you need. Have some fun with them and try different herbal and fruit infusions with them as well to increase their nutritional value.

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