Which Gemstone to Wear?

Which Gemstone to Wear?

When you have a love for crystals and gemstones, you may be really interested in learning as much as you can about these stones. That includes learning which gemstones to wear on your body and where to wear them on your body for different p...


When you have a love for crystals and gemstones, you may be really interested in learning as much as you can about these stones. That includes learning which gemstones to wear on your body and where to wear them on your body for different purposes. Pretty much any gemstone can be worn as jewelry with the exception of a few but only because of their fragile nature that makes them harder to work into gemstones and jewelry settings. A good thing to remember is that if you're attracted to a particular gemstone or crystal, it may be because you would benefit from its healing energy. You can also refer to this list of different crystals and gemstones to wear to help you decide which one to wear. You can also wear different gemstones and crystals at the same time to help you balance your energy. We have another post on that to help you learn which crystals are most beneficial to wear together so that their energy can be enhanced by each other.

One of the most popular gemstones people wear is diamonds. You see this stone in many different settings from earrings, to rings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks. This is seen to be a stone of prosperity in most cultures because of their expensive price point and because they are quite rare. When you're wearing a diamond, you can expect to feel a sense of clarity in your mind and also a sense of strong empowerment.

Another significant gemstone is the Ruby which is linked to the sun and our intellect. It's also a great stone for overall wellness in body, mind and spirit. The red stone is connected to the Root Chakra which is our sense of security and groundedness in our body. So wearing this gemstone will instill that sense of security and inner peace.

When it comes to popular crystals and minerals, Clear Quartz is at the top, as it's the most abundant crystal found on the Earth. This clear crystal is said to be a master crystal that can assist with any sense of unease and instills a sense of clarity to the wearer. It's also a great protective crystal that will protect you from negative energy and will also help to bring in more positive energy or positive influences. Wearing this stone can also increase intuition and help you stay focused on what's important to you.

Rose Quartz is another very popular crystal which is a type of quartz with a pink hue. The pink tone of this crystal makes it especially beneficial to the heart and the Heart Chakra which governs emotions and love. The best place to wear Rose Quartz is as a necklace that sits on or above the heart centre. This way the crystal can help heal emotional wounds and instill self-love. Perfect for those who are grieving or sadness.

Another top crystal for collections is the Amethyst which is said to help you stay tuned into your intuition. It also helps you connect with the spiritual realm and your guides and angels. It's a very soothing stone that can also help with anxiety and stress, and it can enhance peace and creativity. Wearing this stone in earrings is a great way to keep it close to your third eye chakra, but you can also wear it anywhere on your body to receive its benefits.

Sodalite is a gorgeous royal blue stone with white in it that is a very powerful stone for tapping into your own truth and speaking your truth. It helps you to trust your own intuition while navigating through the world and finding that inner trust to draw upon in difficult situations. Wear this stone by your throat to help balance your communication and to enhance your communication skills so that you can be heard clearly and so your intentions are good.

Green Aventurine is a very lucky crystal that is great for wearing when you're focusing on manifesting your goals and dreams. It's also a great stone to wear to increase wealth or even to wear on a first date, a job interview, or the first day of a job. It's a great stone for opportunity as well, so wear this one when you're job hunting or looking at homes or properties to buy.

A stunning shimmering stone, Labradorite is a good stone for any change or transformation. It will help you tap into your true authentic self so you can stand in your power and live the life you were meant to live. Also helps to protect you from projections from others too. It's also great for relieving anxiety.

Pearls are a very popular gemstone that balances the body bringing in positive vibes. They have also been said to enhance fertility or bring positive energy to people wanting a baby. The vibration of pearls also carries the essence of the ocean so you'll always feel connected with the sea while you're wearing Pearl.

Aquamarine is a beautiful, clear blue stone that looks like the deep blue sea making it wonderful to those who want to bring more relaxation into their lives. It can also help you connect with your emotions and learn how to accept them as part of life. It's also used for good luck, especially in the water. The calming energy helps those experiencing deep grief and depression.

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