Which Crystals Should You Carry?

Which Crystals Should You Carry?

Everyone has a different concept of what brings good luck, whether it be a four leaf clover, a lucky animal, or a number that resonates with them. Good luck charms can inspire good thoughts, and many people like to carry one with them at all times. Crystals make the best good luck charms as they are solid, easy to carry, can be worn as jewelry and are lovely to look at. The easiest way to find good luck is by carrying your crystals for good luck. Crystals carry living energy from the earth, and luck is generally part of the energy of many crystals, which makes them the deal good luck charm.

When you incorporate crystals into your daily routine, you’ll be amazed at how their subtle yet powerful vibrations can transform your life. The best way to use crystals for good luck is to use a crystal then set an intention. This is because good luck stones can be programmed with your deepest dreams and desires. With its crystalline structure, a good luck stone is a powerful energy amplifier. So when you go about programming your crystal with a positive intention, it works by helping to enhance those thoughts that you put out into the universe. The following are just some of the good luck crystals you might carry with you.

Aventurine. Aventurine is one of the luckiest of crystals, great for manifesting abundance and wealth. It has lucky energy that is said to boost your chances or odds in any situation. It is a quartz variety with mica that gives the crystal its speckled or sparkly effect. It is good for creativity, fast reactions, leadership, motivation, and speed. Wearing Aventurine absorbs any electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution. Use in grid gardens or houses to help against geopathic stress. Tape the stone to a cell phone to act as protection against any emanations.

Carnelian. This crystal awakens talents and brings confidence. It is a great stone to wear or carry with you on auditions or interviews. Place Carnelian near your home’s front door to welcome in abundance and for protection.

Red Jasper. Red Jasper is said to be a lucky stone for actors and actresses because it helps to bring about the flow of creative ideas. The crystal inspires a positive attitude, increases your energy level and motivates you to take action in your life. It has a long history for use as an amulet. Wear this crystal as a pendant around the neck, or carry in a small bag.

Rose Quartz. Rose quartz is a popular stone found all over the world that balances the heart with its gentle, powerful loving and peaceful energy. Rose Quartz not only assists in balancing the physical heart but the emotional aspect of your selves including matters of the heart too.

Tourmalinated Quartz. If you just want to double the luck in any situation to bring all the luck, you can get, this is the stone to use. Tourmalinated Quartz is a very lucky stone because it carries the luck energy of both Quartz Crystal and of Tourmaline. This crystal clears out all the bad vibes, removes all energy blockages to infuse your life with luck.

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