Which Crystals Help with Bringing More Love into Your Life?

Which Crystals Help with Bringing More Love into Your Life?

We use crystals for many different purposes, to feel more relaxed and at ease, to sleep better and to achieve our goals. Each of the different crystals available holds different energy so therefore can assist us with different aspects of our lives. Many crystals, if not all, carry a very loving and nurturing energy that you can feel right away as you hold or touch the crystal. But there are those crystals that hold a very significant love vibration that could help bring more love into your life. Everyone deserves unconditional love, and we also need to foster self-love, which is love that comes from within ourselves. Then, we can welcome healthy love into our lives from a state of feeling that love for ourselves. Usually, any stone that is affiliated with the heart chakra is going to be wonderful for attracting more love into your life. Whether that's self-love, romantic love or love in friendships, so pink or green crystals are the stones that are most connected with the heart chakra and these stones will help you connect and balance your own heart chakra. You can use each of these stones separately or together to bring more love into your life in various forms.

1. The number one stone for unconditional love is Rose Quartz. This soft pink stone has a very nurturing vibration that helps to soften and calm the heart and soul. Rose quartz also helps you to open your heart to receive love and reminds you how worthy you are of unconditional love. You can often even find pieces of rose quartz that have been shaped into hearts giving them even more of a love vibration. Keep this stone with you or on your bedside table to remind yourself to love yourself unconditionally and to welcome love in and send love out into the world.

2. Rhodochrosite is another beautiful pink coloured stone with white in it that also carries a very loving energy. The stone helps us to accept all aspects of our personality so that we can truly love ourselves as a whole being. That way, you'll attract those who will love you for who you are and will celebrate the unique individual you are.

3. Malachite is a green stone with beautiful swirls of white throughout it. It's a stone that helps clear out painful heartache to clear the way for new love. You can place this stone on your heart while meditating and use it when processing emotions. You can also sleep with it under your pillow or wear it as a pendant over your heart.

4. Rhodonite is known as the stone of forgiveness. It's a lovely pink with black mixed in giving it an intriguing layered look. This stone can help you when you are ready to explore the idea of forgiving those who have hurt you in the past. Sometimes forgiveness is not so much about the other person but about releasing yourself from the pain of the past. It also teaches us that forgiveness comes in time, so if you're not ready to forgive yet, know that you are still worthy of love.

5. Green Aventurine is called the stone of love and luck, and it's very connected to the heart chakra and throat chakra too. So it combines love and truth helping you find love that is going to be best for your soul's evolution. It's also said to help you increase your confidence levels and bring in good luck.

6. Apache Tears is a type of Obsidian that will help relieve grief and sadness. So it can really help you to move on from past loves that didn't go as planned or expected.

7. Citrine, although not green or pink, will bring joy into your heart and mind to help you have a fresh take on life so you can find a love for life again.

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