Where To Find Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Where To Find Ethically Sourced Diamonds

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Diamonds are one of the most highly valued gemstones on the planet, and those high costs also involve people and the earth itself. There are human rights and environmental issues when it comes to mining and selling diamonds, and sometimes they come at a pretty high risk. There is a lot of conflict in diamond mining where people can lose their lives and where people don't get paid nearly enough to source these diamonds. Mining these precious gems also comes at a cost to the environment. The miners have to blast the earth to get to these places where diamonds can be found, and often that leaves ecosystems in shambles.

So for those who still want to enjoy their diamonds but want to be socially and environmentally responsible, there are sustainable choices that are becoming more and more available as time goes on. There are ethically sourced diamonds available now, and some of them are even at a fraction of the price of natural diamonds, but they look the same. Most of these companies will collect fair trade or recycled jewelry and then add in conflict-free diamonds to make stunning pieces of jewelry. A lot of them are also green-certified, too, which makes them even more appealing when it comes to maintaining sustainability.

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If you don't mind buying something second hand, you can also turn to Etsy for vintage diamond jewelry that is very special and beautiful. That way, it doesn't have the same carbon footprint of making a piece of jewelry brand new. If you want something brand new, there are many conflict-free and sustainable sources for diamonds and jewelry. You can always ask a local jewelry store if they have any in their own store or if they know of a local place where you can get sustainable and ethically sourced jewelry.

Taylor & Hart is a great place for custom jewelry, and they have ethically sourced diamonds. They walk each of their customers through the design process to help you create the ring of your dreams and will have it to you in 4 weeks. AUrate New York is another sustainable source for diamond jewelry, and they have very rigorous social responsibility standards and the diamonds are all traceable. They have fair prices, and their jewelry looks amazing. They trace every diamond to make sure that it comes from a sustainable source, plus they donate to local charities and organizations.

Another option is Lab Grown Diamonds from places like Brilliant Earth. They have their very easy to use website where you can go on and choose the setting, the diamond, the colouring and everything like the cut and the shape of the diamond to make a perfectly customized ring. The diamonds are almost exactly the same as mined diamonds. Even the FTC has says that they are real and truly only a professional can tell the difference, and they have to look at them under a microscope. So if you'd rather just play it safe, then try getting a lab-grown diamond instead of an ethically sourced one since you actually really never know exactly where they come from.

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