Thunder Trance

Thunder Trance

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A violin heavy drum trance music track. Trance is a state of hypnotism and heightened consciousness. In trance music, this is portrayed by the mixing of layers with a distinct build-up and release. A common characteristic of trance music is a mid-song climax that is followed by a soft breakdown disposing of beats and percussion entirely, which leaves the melody or the atmospherics to stand alone for an extended period before being gradually building up again. This 13-minute trance track uses a variety of beats and instruments is sure to leave you spellbound with an ethereal feeling.

Energy. The uplifting and high-energy effect of trance music makes listeners feel energized. Listening to trance music is a great way to perk up your energy level or enhance the liveliness of a party. Trance music with its different layers of sound is great music for dancing too.

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Focus. Trance music has repetitive bass lines and the music is progressive with sections that build up and others that break down. The steady rhythm of trance music can help concentration and focus. Instrumental trance, in particular, can good as background music when you are working or studying, it has a non-invasive and keeps a tempo going.

Altered States. Listening to trance music in a calm meditative environment can also help to produce feelings of altered states. The repetitive bass lines of trance are similar to those used in shamanic ceremonies for vision quests. The electronic tones, the deep bass, and synthesizers can create an out-of-this-world experience for listeners. Trance music is also great for creative visualization.

More Productive. Trance music may make you work faster for longer. There is something about trance music that helps you get things done. You can put trance music in your headphones when you go out for a run, or when you’re trying to type an assignment faster, for many people, it works. One of the reasons trance music helps is that typically the songs are longer, so you work for longer. Because the music tracks are long, you can keep working and you’ll lose track of time. You’ll be able to keep typing for that report, or working on whatever you are doing. If you’re working out, that’s a benefit too as you’ll be able to push yourself more and run longer. The beats uplift you and change the way your brain works. The hypnotic beats and the mixtures of sound combined help to give you energy.

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