These Crystal Counters, Sinks, and Bathtubs Are Home Decor Goals!

These Crystal Counters, Sinks, and Bathtubs Are Home Decor Goals!

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Calling all crystal enthusiasts... wouldn't these crystal fixtures be the perfect additions to your home? Just imagine walking into your home decked out in crystal countertops, a huge crystal bathtub and crystal sinks galore. Wouldn't that be the best? Just taking a bath in one of these incredible crystal bathtubs alone would be an experience of a lifetime. Imagine how relaxed and energetic you'd feel after enjoying a bath in a crystal tub. It's like the power of all the crystals you own times one thousand. There are actually crystal bathtubs for sale out there, but they can be quite pricy. But how pricy you might ask? Well, try $27,000 for a Rose Quartz bathtub and $30,000 for a gorgeous labradorite bathtub. The sinks, on the other hand, tend to be more around the $3,000 price range depending on what type of crystal you want your sink to be crafted out of. For a stunning Rose Quartz sink it's about $3,500 and for a Jasper sink it's more like $1,400 which is a bit more affordable.

There are also crystal countertops as well, which also range in price from the thousands to the hundred thousand depending on the size, type of crystal and the grade of the crystal too. It would be so awesome to prepare your food on a crystal countertop though and to have your food include the amazing energy of the crystal. Of course, you'd always want to use a cutting board on these countertops too. Some more affordable countertops are made out of pieces of crystals that are tiny, and all put together to create one large piece of counter. You can also buy crystal tiles for a more affordable price, but they are still around $600 for one tile. You could do a nice feature tile wall for a small scale crystal feature in your home.

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The reason these crystal products are so expensive is because of how tricky it can be to find large pieces of crystal to make these items out of. The scale of the items is also pretty large, and crystals are usually priced by weight, clarity and colour to judge the quality of them. So it makes sense that you'd have a large crystal bathtub costing about the same as a brand new car. There are also different styles of crystal sinks and tubs. Including the ones you'll see with this article that include the smooth finishes which have been accomplished through polishing the stones until they have nice, clean and smooth edges and surfaces.

Some of the sinks and even bathtubs have more of a raw crystal look to them with the natural points and crystals. The Amethyst sinks are incredible since they are just huge crystal geodes that have been cracked open and then used for sinks. The sink maker also has to add in all of the plumbing components too including the sink drain which could be quite tricky to install without cracking the crystals. So these crystal sinks and tubs also require a lot of work too. What do you think, would you love having real crystal features like these in your dream home? What type of crystal would you choose?

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