The Truths Behind Jade Rolling, How it Works And Is It A Treatment For You

The Truths Behind Jade Rolling, How it Works And Is It A Treatment For You

It's important to take care of our skin, especially as we age. But with all of the beauty trends out there, it can be tricky to know which ones work and which ones don't. One of the newer skincare trends these days is Jade Rolling or Facial Rolling with any type of crystal. This is done with a crystal roller which has a handle usually made from the crystal, and then two roller ends made from crystal too. The crystals used are usually Jade, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Obsidian which all look beautiful because of their colouring, but the crystals themselves hold positive energy which can help to soothe your body, mind and soul as you roll. Jade Rolling has been done for thousands of years. Usually used in Chinese medicine, they would use the power of the rollers to draw out negative energy from the body and spirit. Since Jade crystals were always very revered in Chinese medicine and culture, they believed that jade crystals helped to balance life force energy. So that's why it was the most commonly used crystal for these jade rollers. Besides the spiritual uses for these rollers, there are also practical uses we can use the crystal rollers for too.

Massaging the muscles in the body has been shown to increase circulation, help with reducing fine lines and also helps with lymphatic drainage. So massaging the facial muscles is just as important as massaging the other muscles in the body. We actually tend to hold a lot of tension in our faces. Check in with yourself right now and turn your attention to your face and jaw muscles. You may find that you're clenching your jaw without even noticing it. These crystal rollers help us take some time to unwind and relax the facial muscles and to bring some good circulation to the muscles and skin. It will also help to tone the facial muscles which help maintain our facial structure. These facial rollers are also nice ance cold to the touch when you first start working with them. So it's a nice way to cool the skin and reduce swelling or puffiness that can make us look tired. Usually, there's a large end of the roller and a smaller end. The smaller end will be used for areas like under the eyes or beside the nose.

Some people have even found that facial rolling allows their skin care products, to penetrate into the skin better as well. Rolling can also flush out toxins, and it can also stimulate collagen production which is what makes your skin look plump and youthful. So how do you use a facial roller? You can use it on your face without any other products, but it's always nice to use a moisturizer or a facial oil while you're using it. You can use rosehip oil which is great for the skin and add some lavender and frankincense to it for added benefits. It's always best to start out by cleansing your face first, and also the roller too, so you're not adding bacteria to your face. After you've cleaned your face, apply your moisturizer or facial oil and then take your roller in your hand holding it from the handle and place the larger end on the center of your face moving up and out on the skin. Use a pressure that feels good to you while you're rolling. You can then move it upwards on your neck as well. Then use the smaller part around the eyes using a gentle pressure as the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Use your facial roller every day or every other day for the best results and put it in the fridge to cool it down for a nice, soothing facial massage.

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