The Night Desert (Baja, Mexico)

The Night Desert (Baja, Mexico)

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A beautiful track with 6 hours of ambient nature sounds. This nature-inspired track was recorded in the middle of nowhere, off the grid, in perfect silence, with only the sounds of crickets, ocean waves and the desert night of Baja, Mexico can be heard. This track is great for falling asleep, relaxing or as background when you go about your regular routine. The Night Desert is part of the Ambient Atmospheres collection. You can listen to this nature track on its own or light some candles, burn some incense or essential oils. You could even meditate while nature's sounds play in the background.

Listening to this nature track is a good way to feel relaxed and calm. The sound of crickets has a replenishing and restorative effect on your body and mind. Whether you are a fan of spending time in nature or not, the truth is that when you’re surrounded by peaceful nature sounds such as a running stream, crickets or birds singing, you suddenly become a lot more peaceful and content. This nature sounds track is the perfect solution for people who don't always have the chance to get outdoors, and a great track to have on hand for those times when you need a little boost.

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When people are exposed to nature sounds, especially those with high-stress levels, to begin with, they can start to feel a positive attitude when being confronted with day-to-day problems and difficulties. Nature sounds can help reduce stress, tension, and irritability. The simple sounds of nature can also help you to be more productive at work and be able to focus better.

There is nothing quite as magical as listening to the natural sounds of nature, whether it be birds chirping, a waterfall, ocean waves or crickets, it is a good way to destress and let go of stress and any anxiety you might be carrying. Having a playlist of nature sounds is also a good way to fall asleep. The sounds of nature are soothing and can be listened to as you fall asleep.

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