The Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets

The Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets

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Having a crystal collection of any kind is fantastic. Enjoying crystals in your home or workspace is great since the crystals really exude their energy out into the room they're in, creating a harmonious and beautiful positive energy. It's also great to wear crystals on our bodies as jewelry as well to get even more great energy flowing and to clear our aura and chakras. People have been making jewelry out of crystals and gemstones for thousands of years. Mostly the upper-class people would wear these stones as a sign of their status, but they were also used by spiritual people and shamans as talismans for their spiritual journies. As time went on, gemstones became the prized items to have and sometimes they were even used as currency. They are still used as a form of value and make for great investments. People went crazy over rubies, emeralds, sapphires and of course diamonds and they still do these days too.

There is so much value in crystals that are of lesser value in the crystal and gemstone grading system, and they act as feel-good stones for us to enjoy the energy of. Now, crystal jewelry is quite affordable with crystal bracelets costing under $10 for a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes with both casual and dressy attire. The nice thing is, these crystal bracelets are also beneficial to wear because they allow you to keep the energy of that crystal with you all day long. Some say wearing the crystal bracelet on your left wrist has a connection with your heart, too, which is great for matters of the heart and soothing emotions.

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You could even try wearing these crystal bracelets as anklets on your ankles instead of your wrists which looks really cool too and still provides all of the great energy from the crystals. It could actually be nice and grounding for you to wear a grounding crystal like Jet or Red Jasper around your ankle to ground you. The nice thing is, you can get all sorts of different crystal bracelets with different types of crystals on them. In our online shop, we have a variety of beautiful crystal bracelets you can choose from that will suit your needs and preferences.

A few ideas for you to consider when you're choosing your crystal bracelets is to choose a crystal or combination of crystals that pertains to a situation you're going through presently and something you need right now. You can take a moment to meditate on this by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths in and asking yourself, "What kind of energy do I need right now?" then wait for the answer to come to you. If you need a soothing and nurturing energy, then Rose Quartz could be the perfect stone bracelet for you to choose. This type of crystal bracelet will bring you just the loving energy you need to relax and process your emotions. To love yourself and show yourself some self-love.

If you're in need of an uplifting energy, you'll want to check out crystal bracelets with citrine or carnelian in them. These stones will help ignite your fire within helping you feel motivated and excited about life. They'll be like a ray of sunshine energy while you're wearing them. For grounding and protection, a jet or obsidian bracelet would be perfect. For the energy of intuition and dreaming, amethyst would be great, for clear mind and intentions as well as clearing your energy, clear quartz and for self-expression and healthy communication, turquoise would be wonderful. Choose the crystal bracelet or bracelets that work best for you and wear them often or as needed. Don't forget to cleanse and clear their energy though, and charge them under the full moon as well.

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