Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez

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Sea of Cortez is the ultimate nature soundtrack. This relaxing track has 6 hours of ocean waves sounds, perfect for sleep. If you find yourself needing to have white noise in your room, this is the nature track you'll want to listen to. The high-quality ambient soundtrack was recorded on the shore of the Sea of Cortez (natures aquarium) in Baja, Mexico. It's a beautiful and relaxing track of ocean waves, great for sleep or relaxation. This immersive 6-hour track of relaxing ocean sounds was recorded on a full moon by the Sea of Cortez. Put this track on when you are trying to fall asleep and it can play throughout the night for a good nights rest. Imagine the waves

There is something soothing about the sound of ocean waves. There is a certain calm that the sound of ocean waves has on your brain and mental health. You can listen to this nature track when you go about your regular routine or as background when you are sitting for your meditation practice. The slow, calming sound of the ocean waves can help you to achieve a meditative state, which is proven to heal and strengthen your brain.

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Hearing the ocean brings a sense of calm and perspective and can benefit you wherever you are. The peaceful sound of the ocean waves can inspire health and wellness, especially in people who live in busy cities located far away from nature. A nature soundtrack can have a positive effect, higher relaxation, and it can calm and connect you to nature all from the comfort of your home. You can imagine yourself beside the ocean wherever you might be.

The calming sound of rolling ocean waves are a sound that is known to put a person to sleep, and this is because the brain interprets these sounds as non-threats, and it can use them to block out other, louder, disruptive noises. Ocean waves are a sound that plays peacefully in the background. Being around or listening to the ocean, takes your busy mind off the endless sensory overload of modern life, allowing your brain the chance to escape and relax.

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