Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit And How to Use Them

Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit And How to Use Them

When you've been feeling like you've been taking on too much and feel overwhelmed with emotion, it's hard to function in everyday life. It's important to accept how we feel even if those emotions are difficult to work through sometimes. As ...


When you've been feeling like you've been taking on too much and feel overwhelmed with emotion, it's hard to function in everyday life. It's important to accept how we feel even if those emotions are difficult to work through sometimes. As the saying goes, "The only way out is through" or "You have to feel it to heal it." Sometimes we label these heavy emotions as negative, but they are just emotions, and there is nothing wrong with them, and there is definitely nothing wrong with you for feeling them. They are emotions that are part of life and the whole experience we were meant to live while here on this earth. Sometimes it can definitely feel like life or people in our lives are throwing more at us then we can handle and so it's important to come up with some coping strategies like asking for help when you need it, learning to set boundaries and talking with a trusted friend or a therapist. Other coping strategies can include things like meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep, art, music, journaling and even working with crystals. Working with crystals helps you to maintain a positive focus on something while you process through emotions, helping you to feel more able to cope. Crystals also have beautiful, soothing and nurturing energies that can help you through tough times.

There are even crystals that can protect you and guard your soul against harmful energies. So this may be a negative influence in your life, a toxic person or negative belief systems that have been holding you back. So whenever you're feeling down, overwhelmed or depleted, that's a sign that it's time to give back to yourself and do things that bring you joy. Working with these protection stones can help you maintain your balance and shield you from outside influences so you can live your best life. Here are some of the best protection stones that you can start using:

1. Obsidian is a favourite protective stone that goes back to Mayan and Aztec cultures who used these stones for their own ceremonial and protective purposes. This is a wonderful stone to wear and also a great stone to have in your home to protect your home from negative energy. Place Obsidian stones in your windows and close to your door to protect you from harmful energies and bring peace into your home.

2. Black Tourmaline is another favourite protective stone that is great for protecting you from harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) which come from cell phone towers, computers, TVs and other electronics. Placing some black tourmaline close to electronic items will protect you from the EMFs since the black tourmaline will absorb some of the harmful frequencies.

3. Black Kyanite helps to protect your personal energy field and your well-being. It will help you get used to setting boundaries with difficult people who may not take no for an answer or who push your boundaries. It helps you stay strong in knowing that you are the only one who knows what's best for you and what you need to live a happy life. Hold or keep this stone close by when you're setting boundaries or as you plan to set boundaries.

4. Black Onyx helps in transforming negative energy into positive energy; it also helps you build emotional resilience. It helps you when you are feeling a lot and need help in processing your feelings. Hold Black Onyx while you're meditating or processing emotions or as you're journalling to help you express and release your emotions in a healthy way.

5. Pyrite is a great stone for returning negative energy back to the senders. So if you're dealing with someone who's always bringing you down, this stone will protect you and help you to walk away from people who aren't for your best interest.

You can practice some great meditations or ceremonies to help release your emotions or toxic people from your life on a soul level. One of the best ways to do this is with a Protection meditation or by Cutting Energy Cords. Whenever we communicate with people or know people for a long time and become emotionally attached to this person, we tend to have emotional cords attached to ourselves from them and from us to them. Usually, in healthy relationships, these cords are nurtured and kept healthy through reciprocal connections. But if you're dealing with a toxic person, it could be that they are knowingly or unknowingly drawing energy from you. So cutting your energy ties or cords to a person will be essential for your growth and for theirs too. You can use any of the crystals mentioned above to trace an invisible line around your body creating a shield of protection. Then visualize the person and the cords attached to them and to you and see yourself gently cutting through each cord (there may be more than one) with the crystal of your choice. Visualize the cords being cut one by one and disintegrating as they are cut. You can say something along the lines of "I cut all cords and ties to (insert their name) and release their energy and sent it back to them. In love and light, I am cleared, protected, healthy and free." When you're all finished, make sure to cleanse the crystal you used.

You can also wear protection crystals when you know you will be around someone or in a situation you feel uncomfortable in. You can wear any of the crystals from above in a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings and program them with the energy of protection from outside negative energy. You can also say, "I release all energy that is not mine." to release other people's energy projections.

For your home, you can create a crystal grid for protection by using any of these crystals or all of them. Place black tourmaline in each corner of the room or in your home or outside of your home. Put obsidian in the windows and around the door to your home as well.

Meditate with these protective crystals to bring in their protective qualities and properties. Sit in an area of your home you feel peaceful in and then ground yourself and either meditate in silence or follow a guided meditation or music. Hold the crystals or place them around you or on you as you meditate. It also helps to place these stones around your bathtub or in your bath to enjoy their peaceful and protective energies.

As you work with and become more familiar with these protective crystals, you'll find yourself intuitively knowing what to do with them and which crystal you need for a specific purpose. Just tune into the vibrations of what you are feeling and sense which crystal you're guided to assist you in getting the protection and clearing you need.

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