How To Set Your Intentions and Which Crystals To Use

How To Set Your Intentions and Which Crystals To Use

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Goal setting is a great practice to get into early on in life, and then to keep using as life goes on. We all have things we want to pursue, items we want to buy, and experiences we'd enjoy having. Of course it's nice to daydream and think of all the different things you could do, but in reality, it's best if you set some serious intentions around your goals if you're going to achieve them. Praying and working with the law of attraction is wonderful too, but it only works if you set solid intentions for how you're going to manifest your goals. Think of it as putting your order in at a restaurant. If you don't tell the server exactly what you want, they'll bring you things that you may like, things you may not like, and there's even the chance they'll bring you nothing at all. So to get what you want from a restaurant, you have to order something directly off the menu. The same goes for manifesting your goals and dreams. You can have a bunch of ideas, but until you have a clear idea of exactly what you want and concrete steps to take to bring this into your life, you may not accomplish them.

While you're setting your intentions, it's also fun to add some crystals into the mix which will help enhance the good energy. Having positive energy present while you set your intentions is also very important. So crystals will help you with that, and they also act as great conductors of spiritual energy which we can't see with our eyes, but we can feel through our intuition. So gather your crystals and let's get started.

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First of all, choose which crystals you're going to use to set your intentions. You can use your intuition to choose which ones you'll use, or you can choose ones that are good for intention setting. You can also choose your crystals depending on what you're trying to manifest. So if you're working on manifesting more love in your life, choose Rose Quartz. If it's more money and luck you want, try some green Jade. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to help you tune into your intuition and your manifesting power as well as your dreams. Clear Quartz is also a nice crystal for setting intentions since it has a laser focus and will help you zone in on your intentions. Sodalite helps with the manifestation of your intentions, so it's also a great one to have around while you're setting them. Citrine is a nice crystal to have on board too since it elevates your mood, creating a more positive and harmonious energy and aura.

Once you have all of your crystals ready, make sure you cleanse and clear them of all other energy. We have another article on the blog about how to cleanse and clear your crystals to help you out with that. Then, it also helps to light some candles and get into a good relaxed state. It's easier to concentrate when you're relaxed than when your mind is going a mile a minute. Put on some music too if you like as well. You can then get out your journal or a piece of paper and write out each of your intentions on the paper in a list. You can also write out each intention and cut them out, so they are on individual pieces of paper. Get as detailed as you possibly can, so if you want a car, decide what color, what type, and what year. If you want a house, write out the intention for what style of home you want, the colour, the bedrooms and bathrooms and so on.

You can then program your crystals with these intentions if you like so that you always have a reminder of your intentions. To do this, hold the crystal of your choice in your hand and read the intention that you set out loud. Visualize yourself when you have met this goal and see yourself feeling a sense of accomplishment. This feeling state will help you manifest your intentions. You can then go through your other intentions and program them into other crystals so each one will remind you of the specific intention you set once you're all done, set the crystals on your altar or somewhere where you'll see them a lot throughout the day, so you're reminded of each of your intentions. You can also place the pieces of paper with your intentions on them under the crystals so that they are always there and you can read them whenever you like. Enjoy the process and have fun with it.

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