How to Make Your Own Crystal Elixirs

How to Make Your Own Crystal Elixirs

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Crystal exlixirs are a great way to gain the crystal energy benefits of a specific crystal. Crystal elixirs are created from select specific crystals. When these crystals are infused into purified or distilled water, they create water with a high vibration that captures the crystal meanings and energy roperties. Crystal elixirs offer you some crystal energy that is similar to mineral springs, which have been used for hundreds of years. Crystal elixirs are easy to make and they look good too, so good that you will want to make them a part of your regular crystal routine.

When you are choosing your crystals for your crystal elixir you can either go with a crystal that you are feeling drawn to, or choose one that has similar crystal meanings and properties to the intention you are hoping to set. An example would be if you are hoping to bring more love energy into your life, then a Rose Quartz elixir would be one you could try. Make sure to always cleanse crystals throughly before using, as you don't want any negative energy or dust to get into your crystal elixir.

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Making an Elixir. You will need a clear, glass container (preferably one with a lid such as a Mason Jar), and your cleansed crystals. Start by cleansing the crystal that you are going to be using in the crystal elixir (if it hasn't been cleansed already). Place the crystal into the clear glass container or jar of water. The water should preferably be purified, alkaline, distilled or mineral water. Cover and place the glass container in the refrigerator and leave overnight. Throughout this process you want to be sure and focus your intention on what it is you want the crystal exlixir to do.

You can enhance the crystal elixir by placing the glass container or jar in the sunlight or the moonlight or by surrounding them with quartz crytals. The next morning your crystal elixir will be done. To use you can either drink the crystal elixir or apply the elixir topically over the next 24 hours. You might try a few different crystal elixirs and see if they have any effect on you. Three crystals you might try include Amethyst, Clear Quart or Rose Quartz. You will find that each crystal elixir has a bit of a different taste. The Clear Quartz will taste fresher than plain water, the Amethyst will have a bit of a metallic taste and the Rose Quartz should be on the bland side.

Setting Your Intention. You can help set your intention by holding your crystal or crystals in both your hands and setting your intention for your crystals. You can either state your intention out loud or visualize your intention. You can also express the specific benefits that you are hoping to receive from the crystal elixir you are making. This helps to direct and transfer the crystal meanings and vibrations from the crystals directly into your elixir.

There are a few different ways you can use your crystal elixir. The most popular way is to drink your crystal elixir, but you can also apply a couple of drops to your neck or wrist, or apply onto your tongue each day. If you don't want to drink from the glass container you can also add a few drops of the crystal elixir into your drink and enjoy at different times throughout the day. Another idea is to mix a few drops into your moisturizers or put into your bath water. Put some of your crystal elixir into a spritzer bottle and spray onto your face or body in the morning or when you need a bit of a refresher. Some crystals you might try include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian, Citrine and Smoky Quartz.

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