FREE Giveaway Jade Massage Roller

FREE Giveaway Jade Massage Roller

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Spirit Magic, the crystal and gemstones shop is giving away 100 Jade Facial Massage Rollers!!! In celebration of their 10,000 sale, they are giving away 100 of these. There are currently about 37 left, so don't miss out! They totally FREE, just pay shipping to your location.

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The jade facial massage roller will wake up your entire face! Use the roller daily to help promote circulation for beautiful, glowing skin. The jade facial massage roller will leave your face feeling refreshed, as it will cool your skin and may help to reduce underage bags and puffiness. This easy to use tool can be used all over the face or only where you need it. Make it a part of your regular facial routine for beautiful glowing skin!

Jade rollers have been around since the 17th century and were originally used by Chinese royalty and members of height society. This simple beauty tool is made from solid jade, with one larger stone for bigger areas of the face to include cheeks, jawline, forehead and neck and a smaller stone for more delicate areas such as under the eye and mouth.

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