Exploring Australia's Stunning Crystal Castle

Exploring Australia's Stunning Crystal Castle

Australia's Crystal Castle is home of the biggest and most beautiful crystals in the world. Located in the Byron Bay hinterlands of New South Wales; Crystal Castle is the underrated tourist attraction that is home to the world’s largest amethyst cave and the biggest and most beautiful crystals in the world. Naren King bought the architecturally-unique building that locals nicknamed the castle in 1986. It started as Crystalight, Australia’s first direct importer of quality natural crystals from all over the world. Residents and visitors soon learned of the venture, and it was at this time that Crystalight became open for limited trading to the public, the rest is history. King has spent over 30 years travelling around the world to find the best crystals.

The crown jewel of the Crystal Castle is the Enchanted Cave, the world’s largest amethyst cave that was formed over 120 million years ago in northern Uruguay. When a giant bubble formed inside of a molten lava flow, the pressure, the heat and the iron combined to make millions of tiny amethyst crystals grow. An Uruguayan farmer found the massive amethyst geode, and King flew to inspect it. It’s approximately 18 feet wide and weighs about 20 tonnes.

Exploring Crystal Castle. You have the option to do an Enchanted Cave Immersion Experience, where you and up to three friends can meditate inside of the amethyst cave. Experienced facilitators help guide participants on a deep inner journey. Other daily experiences you might try include the Daily Peace Experience, aura photos, tarot card readings, the Crystal Experience - an introductory workshop into using crystals, and the Shambhala Gardens tour.

Shambhala Gardens is home to the only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the Southern Hemisphere and was blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. There is also a Buddha Walk, which has a 13 foot Buddha, other hand-carved statues, and is lined with beautiful rose quartz. Other attractions you will find at Shambhala Gardens include The Labyrinth, Reflexology Path, Damanhur Spiral, Forest of Friends and Family, and the Rainforest Walk.

The Dragon Egg. The Dragon Egg fulfills every crystal lover’s ultimate dream, and that is to sit in a crystal cave. The stunning 120 million-year-old amethyst geode comes from Uruguay and is open for all visitors to sit inside and enjoy, free with entry into Crystal Castle. This magnificent amethyst crystal cave is affectionately called the Dragon Egg, weighs 10 tonnes and is a perfect deep purple color that is extremely rare.

The Buddha Walk is a unique third of a mile walk that offers spectacular views of Byron’s hinterland. On the Buddha Walk, you will discover giant crystals, enormous statues, lush sub-tropical gardens, a bamboo walk, and beautiful spaces for meditation and contemplation. The amazing Buddha statues are hand carved from volcanic rock from the Gunung Merapi (mountain of fire), the same stone that was used to carve the famous Buddhist monument found in Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. You can also take the Shambhala Gardens Tour for a more in-depth experience. Crystal Castle visitors can make coin offerings on the statues. The offerings are sent to a Tibetan Kindergarten in Northern India to help preserve the Tibetan culture. Along the way you will meet the Blessing Buddha which sits on his lotus, the Buddha’s Lotus Mosaic, the Amethyst Gateway, the Castle Sculpture and Dragon, the Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance), Ganesh (God of new beginnings), Garuda and Vishnu, Nandi (The Lord of Joy and vehicle of Shiva) and Avalokiteshvara The Buddha of Compassion.

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