Crystals That Can Encourage Better and Deeper Sleep

Crystals That Can Encourage Better and Deeper Sleep

There is nothing quite as frustrating than not being able to get a good nights sleep. Maybe you have a lot on your mind, or you may be holding in feelings of guilt, disappointment or resentment. A variety of things can leave you tossing and turning at the end of the night, unable to think about anything else. It might feel like powering off your mind and allowing your body to recharge could solve all of your problems, yet your thoughts continue to spiral on. To break through the block between you and a restful night’s sleep, you might try crystals to help you sleep. Crystals can help recharge the spirit and dissolve the issues that are keeping you awake at night.

Everything from health problems, to stress about financial issues, and even breakups can cause you to lay in bed thinking for far longer than you'd like. To settle the mind, you have to relax. And to relax, you need to heal your energy. Using crystals to help you sleep helps you to access the peace of mind that you need to ease your worries. The following are just a few of the crystals that might help you get a good nights sleep.

Amethyst. For dreaming specifically, Amethyst is a favorite choice. This crystal is strongly connected with your intuition and your subconscious mind. When you dream, you are tapping into and unlocking your subconscious mind. Try placing the amethyst stones underneath your pillow before you go to bed, and keep a dream journal each night to help see where your mind goes in your dreams.

Celestite. Before sleep, take your a celestite crystal, a pen and a piece of paper and move to a quiet area of your home. Sit with your celestite in your hands, and allow yourself to sync with its healing energy. Then grab your pen and paper, and write down an affirmation for sleep. While holding your celestite crystal, try and think about what’s holding you back from relaxing your mind. Then write down an affirmation to help conquer that specific block. An affirmation might be something such as you are relaxed, at peace, and ready to recharge your mind, body and spirit in the positivity that surrounds you. By helping to alleviate your mental chaos, celestite will bring you clarity of mind that you need to not only sleep but also wake up ready to tackle your obstacles.

Selenite. Crystal is a great stone for insomnia and one that everyone can use to get a better night’s sleep. It represents what your ideal mindset should be before you are going to bed and that is calm and clear. Connecting with this crystal and having it in your space before you go to sleep each night puts you a calm, clear state, programming your body, mind, and spirit for a restful night’s sleep. If you want to tap into your dreams, put selenite under your pillow. Selenite under the bed is great, specifically underneath the foot of the bed. You can also keep selenite on your nightstand.

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