Crystals That Bring Peace of Mind and Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Crystals That Bring Peace of Mind and Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years for their beauty and their energy. Crystal Energy can amplify depending on how you program the crystal stone. Using the right crystals when you meditate will help you to gain clarity over any confusions and emotional turmoil. Crystals affect and interact with your energy, and are used extensively in the exchange of energy, the crystals give and take, and people absorb and release. If you have been craving for peace and serenity in your life, you might try the following crystals for tranquillity.

Amazonite. This calming crystal can soothe anyone who touches it. It helps to bring down your stress level and is good to use in meditation especially for people who are haunted by guilt, and remorse. Use Amazonite at the throat chakra to grow your intuitive powers too.

Black tourmaline. This protective crystal should be in contact with your skin at all times. Use Black Tourmaline in meditations for unbending to the spirit and body. It shields you against any harmful electromagnetic radiations that can disturb your sense of peace. Wear a Black Tourmaline Pendant to help remove emotional disturbances as well.

Bloodstone. This rare and sacred stone has been used for multiple ailments throughout history. The unique shade of the stone resonates vivid color energy that energizes you and puts a stop to lethargy. Use Bloodstone when in doubt or introspection, as it can help to clarify your thoughts.

Blue Lace Agate. It is known to be the gemstone for contentment and satisfaction. It has powers to help calm the nerves as well as hot-tempered people. The gentle energy of this crystal promotes tranquillity and activates your throat chakra. It is popular as the highest spiritual stone too.

Blue Sapphire. It is the gemstone of the God of Saturn. Use Blue Sapphire for heightened calm and mental peace; it is a good luck charm that shields you from danger. Wear a Blue Sapphire Ring for a total makeover for your life.

Carnelian. This powerful earth crystal has ambient powers that help to relax your mind and make the brain secrete more melatonin and serotonin. Wearing Carnelian regularly to boost your decision-making abilities as well as a psychic shield. It is one of the top crystals for happiness; it gives you deep inner peace. Use the Carnelian Reiki crystal in meditation every day to transform your peace.

Citrine. Wear Citrine to help you separate reality from dreams. It is a good stone for abundance and prosperity and contentment. Carry Citrine tumbled stones close to you at all times to protect you from negativity.

Larimar. This unique stone will keep peace in and around you and removes mood swings flawlessly. Wear Larimar to promotes the power of intuition and helps in making calm decisions.

Rose Quartz. Quartz is a crystal that is good for love and compassion. It helps relieve stress as it promotes healing of the heart chakra, which will also spread love in your aura.

Smoky Quartz. This crystal absorbs negativity by helping your mind let go of any emotional baggage. It releases stagnant energy within your body and mind. It flushes out the old energy and resentments which in turn revitalize you with a new peace. Wear a Smoky Quartz Pendant everywhere you go, if you want to grow peace in your mind.

Topaz. A stone for emotional freedom and balance. It is revered throughout history for being a relaxation stone. Topaz is a grounding stone for people who are heated or sentimental too long. It signifies peace, love and tranquillity. Wearing Topaz to bring harmony to your aura.

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