Crystals For The Third Eye Chakra

Crystals For The Third Eye Chakra

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The Third Eye Chakra is one of the higher chakras in the chakra system. This one is located on your forehead between your physical eyes and because of that, it's also called the Brow Chakra. Unlike your physical eyes that can see things in the physical world, the Third Eye represents the pineal gland and the inner vision that we call intuition or a psychic sense. It's related to the spirit world and the things that may not be able to be perceived by the regular senses, but on a subtle level or through energy and vibration. The Third Eye or your intuition will always guide you to what's right for you. It's that gut feeling you get when you know something is "off" or not right for you. You'll also know when something is completely right for you too because you'll precieve this as a "yes" or a pull toward something.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between our intuition and the outer world, which is why it's great to work on developing your intuition and allowing it to guide you through your life. If you've been in situations where you've lost self-trust, the first step is to work on gaining that back while you're opening the Third Eye and learning to trust your intuition. Your intuition is really your soul speaking to you telling you what will be best for you. Opening the Third Eye chakra and balancing it will also help you see your own truth, meaning your own perceptions and reality. It will also help you introspect and gain some insight into yourself and to help you grow as a person. The crystals and gemstones that are great for this chakra are usually purple, indigo, clear and white. Here are some of the crystals you may find most beneficial for balancing the Third Eye Chakra. Try using them in meditation or hold them over or on your Third Eye to balance and clear.

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Lapis Lazuli: This is a very calming stone that will help relax your body, mind and soul. It helps to soothe the emotions and balances your yin and yang energy. It will also help you in determining what is true for you, discovering your own truth and voice as well as what your perception of the world is. This is a very balancing stone for the Third Eye Chakra to use in meditation.

Sapphire: A beautiful gemstone that helps you raise your intuition and bring forth your own inner wisdom. It's also great for emotional upheavals and integration on all levels of being - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. There is also a lot of spiritual guidance that can be had through this stone as well. So be open to receiving it.

Apophyllite: Helpful in balancing spirit and body. It helps the spirit to come to terms with being in a physical body and grounds it while allowing it to still be free to explore. This also makes it great for astral travel. It enhances clairvoyance, clairsentience, and, which are the psychic senses. It helps you to connect to the spirit realm and to receive the benefits of guided meditations. It's also great for using to explore the Akashic Records and helps you understand your past lives.

Covellite: A great manifestation stone, this stone helps you turn your visions and dreams into reality. It helps you to focus on the positive aspects of life and to have gratitude for what you already have. It also helps miracles happen. Wonderful for intuition and for helping you see what path would be best to take. Also great for dreaming, understanding dreams and lucid dreaming. It helps you in your spiritual progress and in getting to know more about your higher self.

Dumortierite: Helps with any stubbornness but brings humble confidence. It encourages stamina and patience. Great for aligning your intentions with your actions. Connects you to your inner wisdom and truth so you feel more confident and patient with the world surrounding you since you can see it from a higher perspective.

Iolite: Connects you with your Third Eye vision and helps you visualize the future you are creating for yourself. It's also great for meditation and astral travel.

Indicolite: This stone is also known as Blue Tourmaline, and it's the perfect stone for understanding the universe as well as your place in it. It can help you with past life memories and understanding your soul's purpose.

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