Crystal Nights

Crystal Nights

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Crystal Nights is a relaxing 30-minute track that is perfect for inspiring calm and relaxation. This mindful music track is slow and full of amazing sounds from crickets, waves, gongs, drums, and more. You can listen to this music as you go about your day, meditation, yoga, pilates, relaxation, or massage. Music has transformative powers. The combination of rhythm and melody has an amazing ability to influence your mind. When listening to a piece of music with a slow rhythm, with no harsh elements, it can bring you to a more relaxed and soothing place. Meditative music like the Crystal Nights track uses this calming style of music great for your meditation practice, but it can also have beneficial effects on all aspects of your life.

Meditation. Meditation music can improve your meditation practice and your life as a whole. Calming music can help with stress and anxiety relief. You can listen to music while you are meditating as a reduction in the levels of stress and anxiety. When you listen to relaxing music during meditation, you will feel calmer and the pressures of life will fade away. You can also play meditation music while you are working to help relieve stress and lower anxiety. The combination of music and meditation can create a soothing atmosphere that is conducive to stress relief. This is an individual thing, some people prefer quiet while meditating, while others like the calming effect that meditative music provides. You'll need to figure out what works best for you. If music grounds and calms you, and brings you to a deeper understanding of yourself, then it will help you during your meditation practice.

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Sleep. Use meditative music to help with sleep. Meditation music tracks can help to calm your nerves and take attention away from your busy thoughts. Music can also relax your body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body to relax and prepare for sleep.

Yoga and Spa. Meditative music for yoga and the spa. Whether you are enjoying a soothing bath at home, yoga practice or a visit to the spa, you will benefit more when you are deeply relaxed. Listening to meditative music can help you let go and surrender to relaxation, which is just what you need when you are at a yoga class or the spa.

Mindful Eating. Eating on the go, eating fast or eating in response to stress are unhealthy habits. Eating slowly and while you are relaxed helps in the digestion process. Relaxing music can create a calm environment for you and your family that makes mealtime a more enjoyable and healthier experience.

Meditation music can be integrated into your life, even if you don’t practice meditation. You'll find the Crystal Nights music track on the Mystic Vibrationz playlist on the AJ Dare Youtube channel. This Meditation Relax Music Channel is excellent music for meditation, deep sleep, and music therapy. This relaxing new age composition can be used as deep meditation music, music for yoga and pilates practice, music for massage, spa music and more. Also, this music is perfect as dream music, healing music, study music, sleep music and total relaxation music.

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