Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

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You don’t need a big house or a spare room to make a sacred space. Creating a sacred space in the place where you live is just about dedicating a specific area in the house to help with the rejuvenation of your spirit. For some people, a sacred space might mean creating a sacred altar, while others might have a peaceful area in the home, a spot outdoors that feels peaceful to you or simply a meditation pillow in a tranquil area of your home. Whenever you go to that sacred area of your home whether it be to meditate or to do prayers, there is an energy that builds up over time. This energy triggers your mind to feel relaxed from the moment you enter that sacred space. Whatever sacred objects or crystals you place in this sacred space will hold that special energy for you.

You may not find your sacred space right away, it may take you meditating in different areas around your house until you find the one area you feel most comfortable in. Once you make that one area of the house your sacred space you will feel a stronger connection with your body, mind, and spirit. Also creating a sacred space will give you the chance to communicate with your higher self. A sacred space that is off from the rest of the house will keep out the noise so you can focus and concentrate. You want to keep your sacred space simple. Try and remember that your life on the outside is a reflection of your life on the inside, so if your sacred space feels cluttered, that is a sign that you are juggling too many things and need to slow down the hectic pace of your life.

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When designing your sacred space, you want to consider all of your senses. Before using your sacred space you want to do a cleansing ritual to help clear and refresh the energy of the room. There are several energy-cleansing techniques you can use, with white sage and Palo Santo wood making being just one combination, especially when burned together. You can use an Abalone Shell to catch the ashes if you have one, or something else that will safely catch them. You can also use sound to infuse your space with purifying energy. You can a singing bowl, a bell or even clap your hands to break up the stagnant energy. Also, you can add some of your favorite treasures to include candles, crystals, inspirational books, in a way that is naturally pleasing.

When choosing crystals for your sacred space, you want to look for crystals that resonate with your spirit. Some favorite crystals for meditation and peaceful introspection include light blue gemstones such as Angelite or Blue Calcite, which reflect the color of the sky. The color blue is also associated with peaceful blue waters so when you enter your sacred space, it will immediately make you feel calm. Place a few of your favorite crystals on the windowsill, which will allow the sun to cleanse and activate their natural energy.

When creating your sacred space find a specific area in your home that can be used as your sacred space. Find somewhere that is typically free of distractions, free of electronics, daily tasks, and work. It is best if possible to not have the sacred space be in your bedroom, but if that is the only spot you have then make sure to raise any crystals in the space on a shelf or a bookshelf. You want to make sure that the shelf if not opposite your feet when you are in your bed.

Think about the senses for sight and touch, you can use crystals or anything else that gets you in the mood for spiritual re-centering. If you place a crystal in your sacred space, you need to first cleanse and program it with an intention. Self-standing crystal points are recommended if you have them as they hold your energy and send those intentions and positivity up towards the light and the universe.

For sound, you can use a singing bowl, a tranquil CD, or some high-frequency music to bring you into a deeper meditative state. For smell, diffuse some essential oils, light some incense, or add any calming scents that make you feel at peace. Sandalwood is recommended for getting you into that meditative state.

Lighting a candle at the beginning of your practice is a symbolic act that signifies the start of your connection to your higher source.

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