Beautiful and Soothing Crystals For Pregnancy

Beautiful and Soothing Crystals For Pregnancy

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Being pregnant can be one of life's most joyous experiences, but it can also come with some difficulties as well. There's the nausea, heartburn, morning sickness, aversion to foods you may have loved before and so much more. Since you'll be growing an actual human inside of you, you'll also be feeling really tired at certain points, or maybe all the time. It's okay to feel that way of course, and it's usually quite normal to have some feelings of discomfort through pregnancy. Of course, if you're experiencing anything extremely uncomfortable, be sure to speak up about it to your doctor so they can help you address the issues that are bothering you.

For the most part, during pregnancy, it's best to keep as calm as possible, since stress can really affect the mother and in turn, the baby as well. High-risk pregnancies require even more stability too where no stress can be tolerated at all. So it's a good idea to communicate with your loved ones about this and set good boundaries on your time, energy and needs. You can also implement some great natural healing elements into your pregnancy journey as well, including some essential oils and teas, but not all since some herbs can actually be harmful during pregnancy. So make sure you always read labels and consult with a natural health care practitioner to see if they are right for you and safe to take. One of the spiritual tools you can use are crystals which generally won't pose any threats to your health or the baby's health either since you're not ingesting them and it's the energy of the crystals that will be benefiting you.

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You may find that you're super sensitive to energies while you're pregnant too since everything is on high alert to protect the baby. So it's a good idea to tune into the energy of each crystal to see how it will benefit you. Clear Quartz is always a great crystal for pretty much any purpose, and it's always referred to as the Master Healer, so that's a good one to have around for all sorts of things from brain fog, to mental fatigue and more. Rose Quartz is a wonderful nurturing crystal to have with you during pregnancy as well since it not only provides the baby with nurturing energy but also the mother so that you can feel your best during pregnancy and pass on that nurturing energy to baby. Rose Quartz is also the stone of unconditional love and the Heart Chakra, so it will help you connect with your baby on an emotional level as they grow in your womb.

Moonstone is also a wonderful crystal that holds a lot of great nurturing energy connected with the feminine aspect of ourselves. They also help us to connect with the cycles of the moon and nature's pace of life, which helps us be more in tune with our bodies. Pearls are great as well since they help to balance the energy of the , which can be all out of whack during pregnancy. Unakite is great for the overall health and wellness of the child and mother, plus, it's great to wear while giving birth to stay calm and relaxed. Chrysocolla is a very soothing stone as well and can help calm nerves and stress. Finally, Angelite is a lovely soothing stone to have around while pregnant since it helps you connect with the Angelic realm, which can be soothing and relaxing during pregnancy. Try out one or all of these stones and see how they can help you or someone you know who is pregnant.

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