9 Elegant and Clever Ways To Include Crystals In Your Home

9 Elegant and Clever Ways To Include Crystals In Your Home

People have been using crystals for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes from healing, comfort to protection to comfort. There are several types of crystals, with all of them emitting different feelings, while some of them have similarities. A good crystal arrangement can help balance the aesthetic and overall function of the rooms in your house. Created over the millennia, crystals harness the elements of both the Earth and the universe. Crystals harness the energy of the Sun, the oceans and the moon; semi-precious stones connect you to Earth as soon as you come into contact with them. A great way to harness their energy is by using crystals to manifest your intentions and what you'd like to create in your life. Crystals are also beautiful to look at. The following are just some of the ways you can place crystals in your life, whether it be to inspire you, or simply to look at them.

Paperweight. Put a cluster or geode of amethyst on your desk. The geodes and crystals can help to purify the atmosphere and create clarity, balancing energy and protection. Place a piece of sunstone next to your computer in your office to help increase mental clarity, success, and your leadership abilities

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Gemstone Garden. Create a gemstone garden a or cluster in your bathroom to cleanse and clarify your mind. A gemstone garden supports confidence and self-love, and the bathroom is a great location as this is the place you spend the most time worrying about how you look. To cleanse yourself of negative toxins, and set up the gemstone garden on your bathroom counter.

Crystal Mobile. Rose quartz is a crystal that is best in the bedroom, used for self-love while emitting soft, nourishing energy, especially great for children. The pink color of rose quartz brings about feelings of comfort, joy, love, and selflessness. A crystal mobile can create a soothing feeling for children. A good place to hang a crystal mobile is in the bedroom.

Crystal Bookends. Place a pair of amethyst bookends in your home office or on your desk, the places where you do most of your thinking. Amethyst is a crystal that helps to promote a clear mind and focus, so the office is a great location.

Add Crystals to Your Plants. Black tourmaline is a good crystal for any area of your house, especially near the front door or the entryway. Sphene is a stone that encourages the healthy development of plants and may help your garden grow.

Crystal Cabinet Knobs. Add elegant crystal hardware to your kitchen cabinets by replacing your current kitchen cabinet knobs with blue or white calcite knobs to cleanse, energize, and nourish the environment. Calcite is a crystal that comes in a variety of colors so you can choose something that works best for your color palette.

Crystal Coasters. Use selenite on your living room table to help heal and soften your environment. Selenite coasters are a great way to add peace and tranquillity into your living room. Selenite has an angelic vibe that is calm and sweet and is one of the most beautiful crystals that you can find.

Crystal Wall Art. It's easy to imagine your favorite crystals organized into some wall art for your home. Amethyst crystal is a great choice as it is affordable and beautiful. The deep, intense purple color of amethyst makes it the perfect addition to any home. Use crystals as part of framed wall art or cluster the crystals together on a floating shelf. This will help to calm any excessive emotions that may be in the roo and purify any space of any negative vibrations.

Place Crystals by Your Pet’s Bed. Crystals can benefit you and your pets too. Use some lithium quartz if your pet seems a bit down. Place the crystal near your pet’s bed, as it will help comfort them and send some positivity their way. Crystals are comforting, relaxing, spiritual, nourishing.

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