25 Beautiful Gemstones And Minerals That Will Blow Your Mind

25 Beautiful Gemstones And Minerals That Will Blow Your Mind

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Even though there are literally hundreds of crystals and gemstones out there, there are always discoveries being made all of the time. With these discoveries come some pretty incredible crystal specimens which sometimes look like they're out of this world. Crystals from all around the world that look like they came from another planet or dimension and make us marvel at the beauty of the Earth who makes these incredible crystals and gemstones. Since there are different minerals found in various places all over the world, there are going to be different crystals and gemstones forming from these minerals. Plus, different chemical reactions and factors like weather and earth movements have an impact on the growth of different crystals. While one type of crystal may grow one way in one region, it could have an entirely different appearance when it's created in another region. So it's fun to see some of the amazing crystals from around the world and enjoy their beauty and the energy they hold. This is a list of just some of the incredible crystals from around the world that you may not have heard of yet. If you find yourself attracted to a specific crystal, you can look for it online or in a crystal shop near you.

1. Contra Luz Opal is a crystal that appears to have cloud forms in it that almost look like the sky or a galaxy out in space.

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2. Sunset Fire Opal is another type of Opal, and even though they are similar to other Opals, this one has the appearance of having sun-soaked clouds, burning embers or flames inside which is really mesmerizing.

3. Bismuth is a very interesting crystal that looks like a natural circuit board or a maze with an iridescence.

4. Opal, the regular Opal is incredible too. Most of it comes from Australia, but there are also amazing Opal stones in Oregon.

5. Amethyst Geodes are pretty incredible too, especially when they're huge. Some of these Geodes cost thousands of dollars.

6. Fossil Opal is another type of Opal that looks like fossilized wood with shining Opal included in it.

7. Lightning Ridge Black Opal looks much like a storm in the clouds with lightning.

8. Fluorite grows in some pretty incredible shapes and formations, sometimes even in interesting cube shapes or pyramids.

9. Quartz Geodes are stunning with beautiful outsides and then amazing insides that glisten in the light.

10. Tourmaline Burmese is a deep purplish red stone that looks incredible when it's cut into a gemstone.

11. Skolsilt can often look like a porcupine or a pin cushion, or maybe even a sea creature.

12. Titanium Quartz is infused with other minerals to give it an oil-slicked look with tons of iridescence.

13. Crizokolh looks like a mini cave filled with ice crystals.

14. Azurite looks kind of like a rose.

The ridges on this stone look like petals on a rose.

15. Watermelon Tourmaline can end up looking just like a slice of watermelon, but don't bite into it.

16. Rodocrozit might remind you of a Rubiks Cube.

17. Rilgr has gorgeous red and white crystals that look like a snowy mountain.

18. Uvarorite is an incredible green cube-shaped crystal that's really clear it kind of looks like green Jello cubes.

19. Fluorite Quartz Pyrite is covered in gold flecks which shimmer under the light.

20. Krokoaiit is really bright and pokey looks like something from the ocean on another planet.

21. Cobalt Calcite is really interesting and kind of looks like a fluffy purple cloud.

22. Blue Agate Geode looks like a cave or outer space.

23. Rutile Crystal a rainbow space crystal.

24. Agate Boftzoanh looks like the layers of an onion or tree rings.

25. Labradorite looks a lot like the Northern Lights when you move it around under the light.

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